Hidden Health & Household Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide

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Did you know that hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is one of the most common, lowest cost and HANDIEST household items you can get?

You’ve probably used it to disinfect a minor cut but we’re going to go way beyond the basic applications and show you some extraordinary benefits and uses for hydrogen peroxide!

Let’s open up the cap to find out!

Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide:

  • Acne – Kill unwanted bacteria and clean the infected area
  • Bad Breath – Swish some H202 in your mouth for 30 seconds once a week
  • Canker Sores – Combine it with water and swish it around for 30 seconds
  • Contact Lenses – Cheaply clean your contact lenses to safely remove protein buildup
  • Deodorant – Mix 1:2 ratio with dish soap, leave on for 30 minutes then rinse off
  • Ear Infection – Add a few drops to clear up a minor ear infection, to help treat a cold or great to prevent swimmer’s ear. *Don’t add more than a few drops or the H2O2 will actually become H2O (water)!
  • Ear Wax – Clear out excessive ear wax by adding a few drops
  • Foot Fungus – Cure foot fungus by adding equal parts of water and hydrogen peroxide
  • Minor Scrapes & Cuts – Treat minor scrapes and cuts and prevent infections
  • Whiten Teeth – Get instant results by swishing H202 for 30 seconds to use as a bleaching agent
  • Whiten Nails –  Soak some hydrogen peroxide on a cotton ball and dab it on your nails to lighten them
  • Conceal Roots – Dab H202 to your roots and let it sit for 30 minutes, then rinse
  • Lighten Hair – Mis equal parts of water and H202 to spray bottle. Then spray and comb to equally distribute
  • Yeast Infection – Treat a yeast infect by adding a couple of capfuls when you douche

*Pro Tip: Never swallow hydrogen peroxide orally because it will cause damage to body cells.

Everyday Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

Watch this amazing video for even more uses for hydrogen peroxide not listed…

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You can also use it to clean:

  • Algae – Safely remove algae from an aquarium by using 60ml of 3% H202 per 66 gallons
  • Blood Stains – Pour hydrogen peroxide on a new or old blood stain to see it instantly vanish
  • Carpet – Spray it on light-colored carpets and rugs only to remove stubborn stains; like mud, wine, etc…
  • Dishwasher – Add a couple of ounces of H202 to your detergent for an added extra boost
  • Mirrors – Spray on hydrogen peroxide to use as a wonderful ‘no-streak’ cleaning agent
  • Mites – Safely kill mites by spraying it wherever you find them
  • Pots & Pans – Get rid of caked-on food by combining baking soda & H202 and use it as a scrubbing paste
  • Toilet Bowl – Pour a half of cup and let it sit for 20 minutes then flush to disinfect
  • Whiten Grout – Add it to an old toothbrush and scrub your grout to look brand new

What are some unique ways you use hydrogen peroxide?

Tell us in the comments section below.

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