How to Travel with Prescription Medication

Packing for a trip can be a daunting task – especially if prescription medications are on your list of travel essentials. Maybe you aren’t sure how much to bring or perhaps you have certain prescription medications that require refrigeration or other special accommodations. Not to worry! We’re going to show you how to travel with prescription medication with tips that will ensure both the safety and integrity of your medication during the trip as well as your peace of mind.

Keep it close and keep it safe

When packing for your trip and planning how to travel with prescription medication, leave enough room in your carry on bags. Having your medication close at hand will ensure that you are able to locate and access it when you need it as well as safeguard against it being lost or stolen during transitions.

Have an extra week’s supply on hand

You never know what will happen during your trip so being prepared when traveling with prescription medication is imperative. Discuss your travel plans with your doctor and secure an extra week’s supply of any prescription medication you may have. Having an additional supply on hand will provide a safety net in case some of your medications are lost, stolen or destroyed – or in the event that you are gone longer than you intended to be.

Keep a written log of important information

Before you leave on your trip, write down everything there is to know about your medications, including the name of the medication, the dosage, the time table of when you take it, the condition its meant to treat, the prescribing physician and pharmacy as well as their contact information. You may also want to include whether the medication you are traveling with is the generic or brand name form as well. If possible, get an additional prescription from your doctor just in case you need to have it filled again while you are away. Keep this log with your medication at all times.

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Know the rules and regulations beforehand

When planning how to travel with prescription medication, take into consideration your travel plans as well as your destination. Some airlines have strict restrictions against traveling with liquids and other materials they deem to be hazardous. They may also have special labeling requirements that must be followed as well. If your travel plans include visiting other countries, educate yourselves on their laws regarding the importation of prescription medication and make sure you follow them to the letter. Failing to do so could result in your medication being confiscated, fines or possibly jail time.

Special considerations

If you have diabetes or a similar condition that requires monitoring at certain intervals or additional medical supplies for meters or other medical equipment, be sure that you pack twice as much as you expect to use during the time you are away. Remember to include extra batteries, testing strips and related items to ensure you are able to keep up with your routine. Some medications may need refrigeration so its very important to be aware of this and plan accordingly to accommodate those types of prescription medications. Don’t forget to include any and all relevant information to these special conditions in the medication log you made earlier. At, we pride ourselves on bringing you important up to date prescription medication news and information. We offer a free, easy to use database where consumers can compare prescription drug prices from the comfort of their own homes – any time of the day or night. eDrugSearch also provides safe access to affordable medications at a savings of up to 80% off retail prices.

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How to Travel with Prescription Medication

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  • This is absolutely right, as a person who need regular drugs for allergy like me, having drugs with me during trip is very important. Thanks for the tips.

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