How to Save a Choking Baby in Seconds (4 Critical Steps You Need to Know)

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It’s Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare…

Do you know the correct technique on how to save a choking baby?

In a split second they watch their happy and healthy baby take a dangerous turn as they start choking on a small object or their food.

While 40% of parents will watch their baby choke at some point, statistics reveal that only 1-in-5 parents will actually know what to do.

This means that, out of the 34 children that have to be treated daily for choking, 80% of their parents will be unable to properly help their child.

One organization is stepping up to make a difference and give parents the tools they need to help their choking baby.

St. John Ambulance has expanded their outreach by providing an online video that explains how to help a baby that is choking.

How to Save a Choking Baby: 8 Million+ Views & Counting!

The video only last forty-seconds but provides the invaluable instructions needed for parents and caretakers to help choking babies.

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Complete with four animated characters that include the lid to a pen, a marble, a princess, and a jelly baby, the film is lighthearted while still packing the needed punch.

If you have children or are ever around children, do yourself a favor and watch this video.

To find an infant and child CPR class in your area, visit the Red Cross website or call 1(800) RED-CROSS or 1(800) 733-2767.

Please SHARE this video. It could save a life!

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how to save a choking baby

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  • Thanks so much for all you do and provide here….so helpful to acquire new tips, and home-grown tricks to prevent and care for ourselves BEFORE seeking Physicians and Pharmaceuticals!…the old time remedies and info have been around and passed on for a reason so it’s wonderful that you share them here:)…God bless our heritage and our Grandparents for sharing it and giving us something to share with our children around the dinner table and at “family-wind-down-time”that does not involve electronics:)

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