How to Remove Skin Tags & Warts at Home

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Warts are just as uncomfortable as they are unattractive, and because of this they are an irritating ailment for everyone who gets them.

Many people might not know how to treat them, but if left alone for too long warts can actually multiply and become a bigger health issue than what you started with.

A similar problem is skin tags, which aren’t a health risk but can still be quite annoying to deal with.

According to Health911, the most common way to get rid of warts and skin tags is to have a doctor freeze them off or remove them with lasers.

However, there is a home remedy for those who want to save on a trip to the dermatologist.

How to Get Rid of Skin Tags & Warts Naturally

According to the blog Smiling Body Smiling Mind, hydrogen peroxide proves effective at the removal of warts and skin tags when used correctly and precisely.


The process is fairly simple and only requires you to press a hydrogen peroxide-soaked cotton ball to the affected area several times a day for about a week or two.

Try to be precise with this, as the peroxide could irritate your skin if not directly applied to just the wart or skin tag.

Work with small amounts and be careful.

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Other Tips

It isn’t recommended to use any type of hydrogen peroxide other than a 35 percent food grade product, as any other type of peroxide will contain chemicals that are harmful to the skin and potentially toxic.

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If you are worried that buying an entire container of hydrogen peroxide will end up being a waste for such a small ailment, rest assured that there are many other uses for this product after your warts are gone.

According to DFWX, hydrogen peroxide can be used to sanitize your swimming pool if you add one cup for every 500 gallons of water.

Additionally, one cup of peroxide in a single gallon of water makes for an excellent homemade household cleaning product.

Just be careful when working with hydrogen peroxide that you don’t accidentally irritate your skin, or possible bleach your clothing and furniture by using concentrated amounts

How do you remove a skin tag or wart?

Don’t be shy…let us know how well it worked in the comments below.

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How to Remove Skin Tags

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