How to Remove Metallic Taste in Your Mouth Caused by Medicine


There is nothing worse than dealing with a metallic taste in your mouth caused by certain prescription medications. Whether you are on a certain regimen for a short period of time or a lengthy duration, you definitely don’t want to put up with that unappealing flavor in your mouth that can ruin the taste of your food, rob you of your appetite, and even make you feel nauseous. Dysgeusia, the technical name for this problem, is a common issue. Fortunately there are many steps you can take when you are trying to figure out how to remove metallic taste in your mouth caused by medicine.

How to Remove Metallic Taste in Your Mouth Caused by Medicine: The Basics

You can try a variety of methods to rid yourself of that pesky, metallic taste that won’t go away due to the residue left behind by your medications. One method is extremely simple. All you’ll need is a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a scraper for your tongue. Make sure you brush your teeth thoroughly and scrape your tongue as well. Do this upon waking, after you take your medication, and several times throughout the day as needed. You can also rinse your mouth after brushing with salt water or a minty mouthwash.

A blend of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and toothpaste can be helpful as well. Create a paste that consists of a teaspoon of baking soda, a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide, and a half teaspoon of toothpaste. Use this blend on your tooth brush or as a rinse.

Be sure to include food and drinks with a strong flavor throughout the day. Cranberry juice, orange juice, coffee, and herbal teas can overpower any lingering residue that is left behind in your mouth. Citrus fruits are not only beneficial for your immune system. They’ll also override that bad taste in your mouth. You’d also be surprised how effective spicy foods can be in counteracting that metallic taste. If you enjoy foods with hot spices, you know how the flavor of the spices tend to linger in your mouth.

Don’t forget the power of sugarless, minty gum, or any flavor for that matter. After brushing or taking your medicine, you can pop a piece of gum in your mouth. Not only will it help you to combat the metallic residue that may be left behind, you will also be taking care of your teeth as food debris is cleared away. You can also chew cloves, mint leaves, or cardamom. Hard candies, especially mint or cinnamon, are helpful as well. Choose sugarless varieties for a healthier option.

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Important Tips and Warnings

As you think about how to remove metallic taste in your mouth caused by medicine, you need to consult your doctor when you first experience the problem to be sure it is due to your medication. You should also ask your physician about any personal recommendations to take care of the problem. Be aware that certain foods and beverages may actually make your medication less effective. Consult your doctor before you try anything that might actually get in the way of your health and well-being.

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How to Remove Metallic Taste in Your Mouth Caused by Medicine

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