How to Rate Your Medicine

Being able to quickly find and read reviews of the products that interest us is very important since reviews can truly influence the decisions we make. We all appreciate the reviewer who takes the time to post their straightforward, honest comments and ratings to help us make better choices. You can easily repay this favor by rating and reviewing the products you use so that others can benefit from your experience.

Here at, we give all our visitors the opportunity to not just read reviews of a great variety of medicines, but to easily post their own ratings and reviews themselves, helping our medication ratings and review database continue to grow. Learning how to rate your medicine is actually quite easy.

To rate and review your medication, visit and enter the name of the medicine you wish to review. Once you enter your medicine’s name and click the search button, you will be taken to the medication’s page. In the medication’s page, click the link to “Write a Review” and follow the instructions on the page.

Once in this page, you are ready to proceed on how to rate your medicine.

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How to Rate Your Medicine

Rating and reviewing your medicine is easy can be accomplished in a few, simple steps. We have kept the process simple to encourage people to review their medications so that everyone else can benefit from your knowledge of the medication.

  1. Click on the number of stars you wish to award the medication. You can award the produce one to five stars, ranging from poor to excellent.
  2. For each of the following four categories, click on the rating you wish to award it, from poor to excellent. The categories are overall satisfaction, effectiveness, side effects, ease of use.
  3. Decide on whether you want to recommend the product and click on the appropriate circle.
  4. Begin your actual review of the product. Write a summary of the review, then the complete review on the appropriate boxes. Follow the writing guidelines carefully so that your review meets our standards and we can publish it. The guidelines include writing a review that remains focused on the product, not on customer service, not mentioning competitor’s names or prices paid, and not disclosing any personal information such as full name.
  5. Choose any video or images you want to include as part of your review. You are allowed up to 4 images with a 5mb limit for each for your review.
  6. Add any products related to your medication that you wish to recommend.
  7. Provide your personal information, which includes a nickname, your location, your age and your gender. You need to also choose a term to describe yourself from the dropdown menu.
  8. Complete the “additional feedback to customer service” section by filling out the short survey and the answering the question.

Rate, Review and Win Sweepstakes!

Once you learn how to rate your medicine, you will find yourself visiting us more and more often to both read and review your Rate Your Medicine and Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!medications, and as reward for your involvement, we are having a Ratings and Reviews Sweepstakes that makes it easy to win a $25 gift certificate from Amazon simply for visiting the page and reviewing a medication. Each review becomes an automatic entry. All you have to do is wait for the beginning of each month to see if you have won the gift certificate. The random drawing will be held at the beginning of each month with all the entries submitted the preceding month participating. Four winners will be chosen and notified via email. Each new, original, valid review will generate a new entry, as long as the review does not come from a medication the user has previously reviewed. The contest is open to users 18 years and older, residing in the United States at the time of the entry; Expires Feb 7, 2014.

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How to Rate Your Medicine

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