How to Pick the Perfect Watermelon: 5 Key Tips From an Experienced Farmer

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Nothing is as disappointing as buying what you think is a perfect watermelon, get home, slice it and realize it is more water than melon.

It is a sad experience that the majority of shoppers dread. Choosing a delicious watermelon can be like taking that walk in the park if you equip yourself with all the right tips.

Let us show you how to pick a great watermelon every time. Apply the following tactics, and you always come out a winner!

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1. Field Spot

The field spot is the white or creamy/yellowish part of the watermelon. It is the part that lay on the ground. The best-tasting watermelons feature a yellowish creamy color. Avoid the ones with white field spots.

watermelon field spot

2. Webbing

The brown course-web like part of the watermelon is known as webbing. It occurs during insect pollination of the flower that scars the membranes which later becomes the fruit.

High pollination activities result in more webbing, and in turn, the sweeter the fruit. The next time you are shopping for watermelons, you know why you should pick the one with the roughest shell.

watermelon webbing

3. Gender

This news will be received with much amusement because only a few people know that watermelons have gender too. The tall and more elongated watermelons are usually boys, while the girls tend to take a rounder and stouter shape. A fascinating part is that, just like we would also guess, the girls are the sweetest, and the boys are usually watery.

watermelon gender

4. Size

Forget about being economical when you go shopping for this amazing fruit. The “bigger is better” aspect does not apply in this case. To increase your chances of choosing the sweetest watermelon, pick average sizes. Avoid both extremes.

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average size watermelon

5. Tail

Study the tail of the watermelon and pick the one that has dried, instead of the green ones. A green tail is enough evidence that the watermelon is not sufficiently ripe.

watermelon tail

With the help of the above tips, finding a sweet watermelon should not be that difficult.

How to Pick a Good Watermelon and How to Cut It Up

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How to Pick a Perfect Watermelon

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how to pick a good watermelon

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