How to Pack Prescription Medication for a Trip

For some people, learning how to pack prescription medication for a trip can be the difference between life and death. Leaving your medication behind is no laughing matter, especially if you are someone who relies on daily medication to survive. If you have a vacation planned for the upcoming holiday season, then you should definitely look into learning the basics of packing your medication before you leave the house. Here are some of the main things that you need to know about packing your medication for a vacation.

Keep Your Essential Medication on You

There are probably going to be a few different points during your trip when you will not be right next to your luggage. In these situations, it is important to make sure that you still have your medication on you. Whether you are checking your bags or throwing your luggage under the bus, you need to make sure that you pull out your bag full of pills before you put your bags away for safe keeping. You may want to think about getting a small travel bag that can be used solely for your medicine.

Make Sure You Have the Proper Labels

Another thing that you need to remember while you are trying to figure out how to pack prescription medication for a trip is to make sure that everything is properly labelled. Your name needs to be clearly visible on the bottle, especially if you are going to be flying. In most situations, the security team at the airport will not allow you to carry any medication on board unless it has your name on it.

Store Your Medication Properly

If you are going to get an extra travel bag for your medication, then you should probably go ahead and get one that is insulated and keeps everything inside the bag cold. Even if you do not have medication that requires refrigeration right now, you never know when that need could pop up in the future. If you know that you will have to go through some kind of screening process before you get on a plane, train or bus, then you should store all of your pills in a clear plastic bag. This will speed up the screening process for you and everyone behind you.

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Put Everything You Need in a Carry-on Bag

One last thing you need to know about how to pack prescription medication for a trip is that you should keep your medication in a carry-on bag if possible. Most airliners will allow you to carry a bag onto the plane, and you never know when you could be in a situation where you need your medication. You will not be able to access your medication if you leave it in your checked luggage, so it makes sense to put it in the bag that you are actually going to take on the plane.

As you can see, there are a few things that you can do to make sure that you do not run into any problems while you are traveling with your medication. Although traveling with medication that you depend on to live may seem rather scary at first, you have to remember that you still deserve your vacation time. If you would like to learn about how you can save 40-80% on your prescription drug purchases, then you should look into the price comparisons of online pharmacies available at The license pharmacies listed on that database are able to provide you safe, affordable medication that is hard to find anywhere else.

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How to Pack Prescription Medication for a Trip

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