How to Order Medication Online

Why Should I Order My Medication Online?

Going to a pharmacist in person for your medication can be time consuming and difficult, especially if you suffer from any physical ailments or if you are seriously ill and stuck in bed. Fortunately, there are licensed online pharmacies that can deliver your medication right to your door. Learning how to order medication online may seem tricky at first, but it is actually much quicker and easier than driving to a pharmacy in person. Aside from saving you the hassle of driving to the pharmacy, ordering your medication online is also cheaper; 50-80% cheaper than U.S. retail prices. Online pharmacies do not have the overhead of brick and mortar stores so they can offer the same medicine at a lower price.

How to Order Medication Online: Getting Started

When you want to know how to order medication online, the best place to start is eDrugSearch is a website that allows you to search for the medication that you need, then it compares the prices for all your prescription drugs at all of the top rated online Canadian pharmacies in order to find you the best deals. The great thing about using the site eDrugSearch to find your online pharmacy is that the site utilizes a rigorous screening process for all of the pharmacies listed and verified user reviews, so you never have to worry about who you are ordering your medication from. It is just as safe as going to your local neighborhood pharmacist.

How Do I Order My Medication?

Once you have found the medicine that you need through eDrugSearch at the price that fits your budget then you are ready to place your order. Even though you are ordering medication online, if the drug that you are ordering requires a prescription then you will still need to provide the online pharmacy proof of your prescription. Most online pharmacies will try to make this as easy as possible for you and allow patients to mail, fax or sometimes even e-mail them your prescription. Do not try to order controlled substances or drugs classified as scheduled. It is also a good idea to limit your orders to a three month supply or less. Following these guidelines will help to ensure that your order does not get delayed and to prevent incurring any penalties.

How to Order Medication Online from an International Pharmacy

If you choose to order your medication from an international pharmacy then you should follow these guidelines and tips in order to stay safe. Every country has somewhat different codes that they must follow when producing medication, so you want to make sure that the pharmacy you are ordering from follows good health practices.

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Here are some things to look out for:

  • An agency equal to the FDA that monitors all drugs produced to ensure they are safe for consumption.
  • National laws and standards regarding labeling medication.
  • National laws requiring a prescription for certain medications.
  • Laws requiring that pharmacies follow specific guidelines regarding handling and dispensing drugs.
  • The country should also follow Good Manufacturing Practices when creating pharmaceuticals.

Ordering online from international pharmacies may help patients without insurance save some money, but ordering domestically within the United States has many benefits. These benefits include cheaper generic drugs and more affordable shipping rates. There is also the added benefit and peace of mind that the Food and Drug Administration regulate the United States pharmaceutical drug supply. The FDA holds clinical trials to ensure the safety of any drug made available in the United States and they also issue recalls whenever new information comes out concerning a potentially unsafe drug.

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How to Order Medication Online

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