Canadian online pharmacies are quickly becoming the number one method for ordering prescription medications. Clients prefer to order these items online for two reasons: convenience and savings. Customers no longer have to stand in line at retail locations to place their orders nor do they have to wait as long as an hour to receive their prescriptions. With Canadian online ordering, a client can purchase a several month supply and have it shipped to his or her residence. Additionally, many online pharmacies offer discounts and generic alternatives to brand name medications. Anyone can elect to place an order with a licensed Canadian pharmacy and enjoy the benefits of such.

How to Order Drugs from Canada

The first step in the process of ordering medication from Canada is conducting a search for various pharmacies that carry the item. Using the eDrugSearch FREE search tool, a prospective customer can find stores in Canada that offer the medication he or she needs. The search tool is very easy to use.  At the top of the page, simply type the name of the drug in the search box and click the search button for a list of pharmacies in Canada. The tool will display a list of top Canadian pharmacies that have the item.

Comparing Online Pharmacies

The next step in successfully knowing how to order drugs from Canada is conducting a price comparison. The user can peruse the list of pharmacies and the prices they charge for a specific drug after typing in a drug name and clicking the “Search” button. Searching for the cheapest prices is the best way to save money. The prices can vary as much as $.91 per unit which could save a shopper $27.30 per bottle of 30. A sample search on the drug Seroquel was conducted to come up with this figure. Different drugs may have additional discounts and savings for the buyer.

Researching the Pharmacies

First time shoppers will want to research pharmacies before they do business with any one company. Simply visit our “Pharmacies” page located at the top of each page. Then click on the “Pharmacy Logo” or “Pharmacy Name” located under the pharmacy logo to acquire more information about the location. One element to look for when researching an online pharmacy is badges that show the site is accredited and trustworthy. The user can also gain knowledge of current and previous customers’ experiences by click on the “Read Reviews” tab. A licensed Canadian pharmacy will have positive reviews and comments left by other experienced consumers.

The “Q & A” tab is also an excellent resource for gaining knowledge about a pharmacy’s ordering process, types of medications it offers, shipping charges, guarantees, shipping times, insurance questions, and so on. The respectable pharmacy will also have contact information posted in case the guest has more questions before conducting business. Most sites will have a telephone number listed.

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The user should compare at least three online Canadian pharmacies and select the site that makes him or her the most comfortable. Once the individual has chosen a site to begin with, the final step is ordering the required medication.

Ordering Drugs from Canada

Each pharmacy has a different process, but the basics are all the same. Clients can order by mail, fax, or online. To order by fax, the customer must download an order form, complete it, and fax it back to the specified number along with any prescriptions that the doctor provided. To order online, the consumer can browse the drugs to find the item specified on the prescription. Next, the user needs to add the item to the cart and make payment. Telephone ordering is done through a live operator who collects the necessary information and places the order on his or her end. All three methods of ordering drugs from Canada are easy and worry free.

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