9 Proven Ways to Make Your Eyesight Better

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How to Make Your Eyesight Better

Your eyesight is under constant strain in a variety of stressful environments. You’ll want to find ways to restore the damage. Here are 9 ways on how to make your eyesight better and stronger in the comfort of your own home.so that you can continue to do the things you love.

1.) Take a Walk

If you sit at work while staring at a computer, your eyes are more likely to become strained. Get up and walk away from your desk. Take a trip around the office or walk outside for some fresh air. Your eyes will be much happier for it.

2.) Eat Carrots

It’s not just a myth. Eating carrots or drinking carrot juice is good for your eyesight and can help preserve it. Drink it every day. Adding olive oil to it will help you absorb its nutrients more effectively.

3.) Warm Water

Sometimes splashing your face with warm water can help with tiredness. In much the same way, washing your eyes with warm water can help relax them and reduce eye strain.

4.) Eye Massages

Never underestimate the benefits of a gentle massage for your eyes. It will help them feel better, and there are instructions online to help you do it right.

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5.) Indian Trataka

Learning eye exercises such as the Indian Trataka can help your eyes as well as your mind stay healthy and focused. It is a process that involves focusing all of your attention on an object, like a candle in front of you.

Once you have it committed to your mind, focus on the space in between your eyebrows, then close your eyes and try to keep the image in your head for at least 10 minutes. The goal is to keep the image in your mind before your eyes become tired.

6.) Changes In Focus

While taking a walk for some fresh air, focus on distant objects rather on those close up. Your eyes will thank you for it on your drive home from work.

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7.) Take Off Your Glasses

When your eyes are feeling tired and you wear glasses, taking them off can help. Reducing the time you wear them, aside from when you’re sleeping, can help relieve eye strain.

8.) Put Down Those Devices

We live in an electronic world that depends on our connection to social media. It can be hard to put the smart phone or tablet down. If you can find an alternative way to amuse yourself foe a couple of hours before bedtime, it will do wonders for your eyes.

9.) Exercise Your Eye Muscles

You can utilize eye exercises that will help them become stronger and able to withstand your daily workouts. Carefully following the directions nets optimum results.

how to make your eyesight better
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Methods like these can help keep your eyes healthy while keeping your mind and body less tired.

More Ways How to Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

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how to make your eyesight better

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