12 Brilliant Methods to Get Rid of Fleas, Ants and Roaches in Your House

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Roaches, ants, and fleas frequently populate households even though they are unwanted. Many products are designed to kill these pesky pests, but the majority of them are packed with harsh ingredients and chemicals, require you to evacuate your house for several days, or leave behind a toxic residue that you do not want your family or pets playing near.

Fortunately, a wide variety of safer alternatives exist that can effectively remove ants, roaches, and fleas through the use of common household products and proper hygiene tactics.

How to Get Rid of Fleas in House

Read on to learn 12 simple, effective methods for getting rid of these annoying pests.

1.) Dishwashing Detergent

As stated by Rapid Home Remedies, dishwashing detergent can be effective against fleas since it acts as a liquid poison to them. To battle fleas, try washing and cleaning your pet using detergent. This will help kill any fleas as it cleans their fur. Ideally, you should use a natural formula and only use it on a small area first, since some pets may have sensitive skin.

Another method involves filling a shallow plate or bowl with a bit of dishwashing detergent. Light attracts fleas so adding a candle to the middle or placing the plate beneath a lamp can help draw them in. Within about a week, the fleas should start becoming trapped in the thick liquid.

2.) Perform a Complete Cleaning

WikiHow states that you must kill the larvae and eggs if you truly want to get rid of fleas. This means you have to wash almost everything in your house. Be sure to wash all of your clothes, soft rugs, bathroom mats, bedding, linens, and any of your pet’s cushions or blankets.

If your flea issue has been especially bad, you may want to consider throwing out their bed since flea eggs could be hiding in the stuffing. Next, vacuum your entire house, focusing on areas that are dark. Fleas do not like a lot of sun so they often hide in darker areas.

3.) Sprinkle Some Salt on Your Carpet

According to Rapid Home Remedies, sprinkling a layer of salt on your carpet will kill the fleas by dehydrating them. Using finely ground salt, sprinkle a decent layer on your entire carpet. Once it has sat for 1 to 2 days, use your vacuum to clean it up.

4.) Make Your Own Natural Flea Spray

Once the steps above begin to start working, you can start using homemade, natural products to keep the fleas from coming back. Rapid Home Remedies has a list of natural remedies that use citronella oil and rosemary oil. Both of these oils are safe, although using rosemary oil or powder on your cat may cause a negative reaction.

How to Get Rid of Ants in House

7.) Locate the Ant Nest

Use caution when trying to find the ant nest – some ants can be aggressive and have bites that hurt! Ants are also important for the ecological system, so avoid destroying the nest unless other methods have failed.

To destroy the nest, pour boiling water into all the entry points. This will cause the water to flow through all the tunnels and kill off the colony. WikiHow also suggests using a mixture of methylated spirits and camphor oil. Your top priority is killing the queen since she is the one that reproduces for the entire colony.

6.) Try Trapping the Ants

DIY Natural lists a recipe for homemade bait that can be created by combining three parts powdered sugar with one part borax. The sugar works to draw the ants and the Borox poisons them. This poison is then carried back to the ant’s colony.

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You can also create your own ant trap by placing honey in a shallow bowl or plate. The honey attracts the ants and then they get stuck in it.

5.) Use Household Products

If you know where the ants are coming into your house, a line of duct tape, talcum powder, or petroleum jelly can stop them, as explained by WikiHow. According to Top 10 Home Remedies, diluted cinnamon oil, whole cloves, or ground cinnamon can discourage ants if it is placed near their points of entry.

You can also spray ant trails with freshly squeezed lemon juice, diluted peppermint oil, or white vinegar to help remove their chemical odor. This will discourage the colony from reusing the same path. Readers Digest explains that a line drawn with chalk can help repel ants due to its calcium carbonate content. You can also put a water filled container under each picnic table leg so that ants are unable to get up on the table.

How to Get Rid of Roaches for Good

8.) Starve the Roaches

If they do not have water, WikiHow explains that roaches cannot live past a week. This means it is important to avoid any leaks in your house. It will also make the roaches more interested in any liquid beats you set out for them. This is also true of food – be sure to keep your kitchen completely clear of any food stains or crumbs. Roaches are especially attracted to grease, so be sure to keep your stovetop clean.

9.) Discourage Roaches

Similar to ants, roaches cannot stand certain odors or chemicals. Home Remedies Care says that cedar, lemon, cucumber, Listerine, bay leaves, and mint oil are some of the scents that roaches hate. You can use these scents in a spray and put it on affected areas to keep roaches away.

10.) Use Bait for Roaches

You can find a wide variety of baits sold in stores, but you can also mix up your own bait. There are many types of store-bought bait, but you can also make your own. WikiHow lists a recipe that uses flour, sugar, and Boric acid. Although this method may take several weeks to work, it is quite effective if you are patient.

11.) Make DIY Roach Spray

Roach spray is simple to make – all you need is water and soap. This mixture can be sprayed right onto roaches. It will then form a layer over their shell and eventually suffocate them. This method is safe, works fast, and does not require harsh chemicals, but it is important to dispose of roaches right away since it could bounce back if the solution dries too fast.

12.) Make a Trap for Roaches

Since roaches need water, they will work very hard to get it. Try filling a jar with some water in an area where you see roaches a lot. They will climb in the water and be unable to get back out. WikiHow also describes a ‘soda bottle trap’ that functions by placing coffee grounds in the water (roaches are attracted to coffee grounds).

Having ants, roaches, and fleas in your home can be a health hazard and may require a chemical spray or professional treatment in bad cases. The 12 home remedies mentioned above are worth trying first though since tey are safer for your family, the environment, and your pets.

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how to get rid of fleas, ants and roaches in house

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