How to Get Coupons on Prescription Drugs

All you coupon clippers out there take notice: there are now coupons for prescription drugs. They have been out there but no one wants you to know how to get coupons on prescription drugs. The battle raging between the insurance industry and the pharmaceutical industry has so far produced only the insured as casualties. Pharmaceutical companies, though, have launched a plan to help them and they are fighting tooth and nail for it. That’s refreshing, isn’t it?

What Coupons?

Have you heard TV and radio commercials for a prescription drug? After the list of side effects (if you can hear that fast), the announcer goes on to say that if you can’t afford your medicine the pharmaceutical company may be able to help. This is called direct-to-consumer marketing.

The reason for this tactic is the rising cost of prescription drugs. Doctors, patients and insurance companies are alarmed at the rising costs, so they turn to cheaper generic equivalents of the meds. Of course, this means the pharmaceutical companies are missing out.

Coupons are the answer. For the uninsured or those who can no longer afford the high co-pays for prescription drugs, the pharmaceutical companies came up with coupons. Sometimes there will be a free trial offer or the-first-one-is-free type campaign. This, however, doesn’t help the patient with no insurance or one who can’t pay the co-pay once the trial is over. Coupons help.

The Insurance Attitude

The insurance companies pay the lion’s share of the cost of prescription drugs for the insured. As the prices of those drugs rise, so do insurance premiums. Generic drugs are one answer, but even those can’t help the uninsured or those who can’t pay increasing co-pays. The insured generally fails to take prescribed medications according to instructions in the hope of making them last until the next paycheck so they can (maybe) afford another prescription. This, of course, makes the insured sicker, requiring a visit to the doctor and more medication he can’t afford. Yet insurance premiums don’t come down.

How the Insured Wins the Battle

The pharmaceutical companies tell patients how to get coupons on prescription drugs so doctors will still order from them. If the pharmaceutical company can keep a patient on his medications, affordably, then they can help the patient get well and stay that way. The insurance companies shouldn’t be whining about that, because they won’t have to pay out as much as often.

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Pharmaceutical companies recognize there are many people out of work as well as the many that are uninsured. Their sales representatives give doctors co-pay cards and coupons for their patients. The companies will offer any assistance they can to help people afford their medications. For example, many articles on the subject use Lipitor, a high cholesterol medication, as an example. The copay with the coupon is $4 per month, as opposed to $18 for its generic equivalent.

How to Get Coupons on Prescription Drugs

The uninsured and the under-insured can Google that phrase and come up with nearly one million sites either describing the battle or offering ammunition. The pharmaceutical companies, themselves, will be the first to tell patients how to get coupons on prescription drugs. Others will, too, such as:

The economy is still on the south side of healthy and, unfortunately, the same may be said of too many people. Costs of health care are rising. Too many people are unemployed and uninsured. In a situation this desperate, someone is trying to help these people. If people clip coupons for their groceries, an evening at the movies, a meal at a restaurant, automotive supplies and hundreds of other things, why can’t they clip coupons for prescription meds? It’s all about remaining healthy enough to clip those coupons.

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How to Get Coupons on Prescription Drugs

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  • Good article. I have been getting my drug coupons from for over 2 years now. I really don’t know how I would be able to afford my medication if it wasn’t for websites like these.

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