The Internet has made getting prescriptions filled online a real bonus, but only if done correctly. Not all websites that offer medication follow standards set forward by the authorities in the industry like Ordering on the web is a practical approach to getting critical drugs, but leave many asking how to determine patient safety with online pharmacies. By following key steps, the Internet is a secure way to get the meds you need conveniently and at the best price.

Prescription Requirements

The first thing to do is check to ensure the site requires a prescription. Allowing users to order controlled substances without a proper prescription is a surefire way to spot a problem site. Most medications require a prescription by law. If you can order without one, you can’t be sure what you will get.

Online and mail-order pharmacies should require more than just a patient survey when dispensing medication. This is also indicator of an unsafe business. The governing boards and both warn that this practice is not legal.

Communication Options

One of the advantages of going to a pharmacy is being able to ask a question. There is no reason an online business would be any different. A company that only communicates by email is problematic. Look on the page for:

  • A toll-free number that lets you order in person
  • Valid business address in the United States

Asking for a Waiver?

A waiver means they are not taking responsibility for providing you with the proper medication. A business not willing to stand behind their service and products may be trying to hide something. A legitimate online and mail-order pharmacy will not require you to sign a waiver as part of the ordering process.


Most respected online pharmacies are much like your neighborhood store. You can go to them to get almost any prescription filled. Avoid sites that only offer acne medication, pain drugs or diet pills.

Don’t Respond to Email Advertisements

The emails that promise to show you how to determine patient safety with online pharmacies and get drugs at discount prices are spamming you for business. Most of the companies that practice spamming are illegal, as well.

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A reliable and safe pharmacy will avoid generating leads through the email. A qualified company gets customers via more trustworthy marketing practices such as advertising through the doctor’s office or participating in a qualified search platform like

Do Your Research

The Internet is a powerful tool when determining the legitimacy of any online site including a pharmacy. Do a search on the company name and review the feedback for the business. Customers taken by an online website will post to forums and complaint organizations about their experience.

Agencies that monitor the sale of medications may have warnings about online companies that violate the laws and established industry protocols, as well. An online business thrives based on their reputation. Do enough research for any online pharmacy you are considering to learn their reputation before placing orders. You can also ask at the doctor’s office if they have heard of a particular site.

Filling prescriptions online is a viable option for those who have a hard time getting to a pharmacy or who just want to compare prices to get the best deal. Do your research before ordering and rely on experts for advice on how to determine patient safety with online and mail-order pharmacies. is a free shopping comparison engine that allows consumers to compare drug prices and get safe access to affordable medications. The average user can expect to save 40-80% off retail prices when shopping online the right way.

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How to Determine Patient Safety with Online Pharmacies

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