How to Compare Online Pharmacy Prices – 5 Easy Ways

Comparison shopping for medications ensures that consumers get the drugs they need for the lowest prices possible. Quality medications are available from numerous sources in standard formulations and dosages, but prices of products and shipping can vary dramatically. Here’s a look at how to compare online pharmacy prices the easy way.

1.) Take Stock of Requirements

Before shopping, you should know exactly what drug you require along with its dosage and formulation. If cost or side effects are a concern, you might be able to find out about alternatives to the medication you’re currently taking from your doctor. With the diversity of online pharmacies and their inventories, selection can go far beyond what is sold at brick-and-mortar drugstores.

2.) Explore Your Options

The vast selection of online pharmacies makes it important to shop with focus. For example, if lifestyle drugs are needed, sites that specialize in those products can be visited for the best selection and lowest prices. is a valuable resource for finding and comparing reputable pharmacies that sell virtually any type of prescription medication.

Quality and safety should be at the top of every online drug buyer’s concerns, but not every Internet pharmacy is equal in these areas. Shopping at online and mail-order pharmacies based in Canada, where drug controls are similar to in the U.S., is recommended for this reason. Understanding the role of online pharmacy comparison sites in locating quality products is as crucial for satisfaction as knowing how to compare online pharmacy prices.

3.) Identify Opportunities for Savings

Write down the price range you’re willing to pay for the medications you require. Check with your prescription drug insurer to find out if the base prices you’re looking at can be reduced, and take this into account as you begin to search. To expand your options, keep track of the insured and uninsured prices of both the name-brand and generic versions of the drug. This way, you will be able to consider sites that offer savings despite not accepting your insurance. When shopping for insured medications, lower-tier choices found on your insurer’s formulary can offer significant savings.

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4.) Figure Your Expenses

The costs of buying medications online include the prices of the products as well as any shipping and handling charges that may apply. Some sites offer expedited shipping for a higher price. Domestic purchases may include sales tax if purchased in state, but orders from Canadian pharmacies do not include sales taxes.

eDrugSearch - save on medication costs and get free drug coupons

5.) How To Compare Online Pharmacy Prices the Easy Way

Instead of painstakingly scouring the Internet for the lowest drug prices, many consumers take advantage of This site enables patients to look for medications at reputable pharmacies by simply typing the name of the necessary drug and hitting the search button. Because the pharmacies featured there are known to be dependable, consumers can have peace of mind about the quality of drugs they’re getting and the savings to which they have access.

At, you can also browse a comprehensive list of safe, licensed online pharmacies. As long as you know how to compare online pharmacy prices with this site, you can count on being able to make safe, low-cost drug purchases online any time.

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How to Compare Online Pharmacy Prices

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