How to Buy Drugs Online Safely

Point, click and buy whatever you want or need. Whether you are looking for a good deal on airline tickets, need groceries, want a new car or the latest best-selling book, the Internet is the go-to resource. In recent years, the door has also opened to buy prescription drugs online. National pharmacy chains and health insurance providers offer options to make purchases without traveling to the drug store. Additionally, there are legitimate Internet sites that sell prescription drugs to online shoppers. There are also, however, a number of unlicensed sites that have tapped into this shopping convenience.

Knowing how to buy drugs online safely…

can save time and money when you are selective in the sites that you use. One of the best ways to make sure you are paying for legitimate medicine online is to use sites like While you want to save time and money, doing so should never compromise your health and finances. Toxic or counterfeit drugs are readily available through many websites. Follow these tips to make sure your online shopping experience begins and ends with making quality purchases.

Take precautions and shop around

Websites such as eDrugSearch allows you to search for the type of prescription drug you need and compare various online pharmacy prices. The cost varies among different chains and could be significantly lower than the local drug store. Further, great deals are often available when you substitute generic drugs with their brand-name counterpart. However, cheap is sometimes masked as counterfeit so proceed with caution.

Buy from a legitimate online pharmacy

A sure way to learn how to buy drugs online safely is by using a licensed pharmacy. There are several prominent factors that let you know the online pharmacy is legitimate. A licensed pharmacist should be available to answer questions about the medications.

Your physician’s approval is required before filling the prescription

Typically, you or your physician will need to either fax or mail in a signed prescription. Legitimate pharmacies that sell prescription drugs online will also monitor your prescriptions to make sure no adverse drug interactions occur. Using eDrugSearch can help to ensure you are accessing the pharmacy that is good for your health.

Be skeptical of unconventional marketing techniques

Illegitimate companies rely on the art of persuasion with flashy, too good to be true advertisements. Often, these ads are delivered to our inbox with promises of cheap drugs. However, an authentic online pharmacy does not send mass emails to potential customers. Further, you might also be tempted by advertisements on respected websites. Some of these websites do not always control the ads since most are managed by a third-party. Rather than taking a chance with your health, start with a legitimate comparison website instead of sidebar advertising.

eDrugSearch - save on medication costs and get free drug coupons

Become your personal advocate

You could bypass issues when selecting an online pharmacy and still encounter problems with the medication after it is delivered. Contact your physician immediately if you experience adverse side effect after buying drugs online.

Examine your medications carefully

Never take drugs that appear to be tampered with chipped or cracked medicines should be avoided. If the labels are sloppy that could be a cautionary sign that something is wrong. Contact the online pharmacy about your concerns and follow their return policy.

Understand the pharmacy’s privacy policy

Legitimate concerns about personal information safety are important to licensed online pharmacies. Using a pharmacy that follow security practices to protect your information is part of knowing how to buy drugs online safely.

The website should have security and privacy policies prominently posted that are easy to understand. Never give personal data such as credit card numbers and medical history unless you know the website will keep the information safe.

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