How to Beat High Drug Prices By Comparing Low Cost Pharmacies


Anyone who lacks health-care insurance or is in the lower income brackets is well aware of the high cost of medical care and drug prices today. Many of these people are forced to go without life-saving treatment and to suffer unnecessarily. Even seniors who receive Medicaid may find themselves unable to afford their prescription co-payments. Sadly, studies show that elderly sufferers of high-blood pressure are one of the largest groups who go without treatment because of the high expense for life-saving medicine.

In addition, untreated mentally ill patients or those who suffer from chronic or acute illness may wind up in emergency rooms, hospitals and needing ambulances, which cost everyone more in the end. Moreover, untreated injuries usually get worse, which cause employed individuals to miss time from work. High drug prices create a vicious circle, and they continue to rise.

Risky Methods Used By Uninsured And Low-Income Patients Due To High Drug Costs

  • They do not visit a doctor, or do not fill their prescriptions
  • Take their medicine in lower amounts or less frequently than prescribed
  • Ask their health practitioner for a lower-priced medication
  • Buy their medications from other countries
  • Try alternate therapies

What Can Be Done To Combat High Drug Prices Today?

One of the most economical and efficient ways to obtain much-needed medication is to shop and compare drug prices from verified online pharmacies, which are quickly gaining popularity and support from thankful customers. International companies, such as those in Canada, can sell high-quality medications to anyone by mail as long as the customer provides a doctor’s prescription. Some over-the-counter ointments and mild pain relievers are available at a large discount as well. Most of these drugs come in cost-saving generics, but even the name-brand drugs are 40 to 80 percent less than retail prices in the United States.

How Can I Decide Which Online Pharmacy Or Drug Store To Choose?

One helpful website that everyone should bookmark on his or her computer is This interactive web tool lets you compare drug prices among different pharmacies, which have been proven to provide safe, reliable and affordable medicine. After you shop for the prescribed drug you need, just choose the company with the best prices for your situation. Next, fill out the brief health screen on eDrugSearch and follow the easy directions for sending in your doctor’s prescription.

eDrugSearch - save on medication costs and get free drug coupons

What Are Some Other Benefits From Buying Medications Online?

  • People who live in remote areas or have a hard time getting out to go pick up their medications can have their orders shipped to their mailbox.
  • Sending prescriptions over the Internet from a doctor to an online and mail-order pharmacy reduces the use of paper and cuts down on transcription errors.
  • You have more privacy because you order from home instead of having to wait at a pharmacy in person.

Why Should I Use To Find An Online Pharmacy?

  • At eDrugSearch, customers are encouraged to leave online reviews about individual pharmacies and also about the medications they use. Get independent information about issues that consumers want to know.
  • eDrugSearch also provides a forum on their website that is devoted to input from other users of their site.
  • Signing up with eDrugSearch is free and allows the consumer the use of extra features like Rx Alerts.
  • Consumers get information about the most commonly prescribed drugs available today.
  • At eDrugSearch, you will not find ads or annoying sales pitches because they do not take paid advertisements.

No one should go without their prescribed medications because of astronomical drug prices that they cannot afford. Everyone deserves to have good health and the relief that is available from affordable medicine. Additionally, tell someone you care about to visit the website for the low prices available to them as well.

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How to Beat High Drug Prices By Comparing Low Cost Pharmacies

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