How a Canadian Pharmacy Can Help You Offset Drug Price Hikes

Prescription drug prices in the United States of America have risen significantly over the past year. In 2012, the rise in drug price was 3.6 percent, double that of the inflation rate reported by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (1.7 percent). 25 million Americans suffer a decline in health by their own admissions due to being unable to pay the cost of medicines.

While prescription drug prices have flown out the window, the costs of visits to the doctor’s office and undergoing tests prescribed by the physician have fallen. The costs associated with renting a room in a nursing home has also fallen. Out of the prescriptions the doctor’s office hands out, 150 million are not filled due to the price hikes.

These rises are in line with the increased production of brand drugs. The production costs of brand drugs are often filled by insurance companies. They are much more costly than generic drugs; generic drugs, produced by many companies, cost one-fourth of the amount of brand drugs if not less. Nexium, Abilify and Crestor are three drugs which show the price hikes best. The price of treating a heartburn using Nexium rose by 7.8 percent in 2012 to $262 per prescription. The price of lowering one’s cholesterol levels using Crestor rose by 9.7 percent to $193. Treating bipolar disorder using Abilify was incredibly difficult; the price increased by 10.4 percent to $642.N.

Lee Rucker, a pharmaceutical expert at an organization which takes care of the retired, AARP, perhaps puts it best:”This price system is a blessing as well as a frustration”Rucker justified her statement by adding that while high prices aid the market for innovative drugs, the lengthy patents of these drugs can cause problems. Also, she feels physicians are often not informed too well about the cost and effectiveness of a new drug. Furthermore, Rucker’s statement about physicians can be proved by the fact that due to being unable or simply refusing to purchase prescription drugs, Americans add $290 billion to healthcare costs.

Hence, many people resort to ordering prescription drugs online to purchase them at a cost they can afford. Also, many find ordering online convenient as it saves them time which would otherwise be spent in queues waiting for their drugs. One such website to order drugs in to save oneself from price hikes is Through this website, prescription drugs can be purchased from licensed Canadian pharmacies.

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A Canadian pharmacy is more likely to offer a lower drug price due to a differing national health policy from that of the US. These pharmacies protect the identity of the buyer by setting up strong privacy policies. A Canadian pharmacy might even offer details to help the patient learn more about the drug and the way it interacts with the body as well as with other drugs. Disreputable pharmacies which do not require prescriptions are not part of

When ordering from online pharmacies, one must keep additional costs such as ordering fees, account fees, consultation fees and shipping fees in mind. Prescriptions which a Canadian pharmacy which is a member of fills might be of two kinds- traditional and remote-consultation. Traditional prescriptions are the ones which are given out by a doctor after the patient comes in personally for a consultation. A remote consultation prescription is filled in by a distant physician who checks relevant patient information.

Hence, ordering drugs from a certified Canadian pharmacy via is definitely an option for those seeking cheaper drugs without compromising their own safety. Discount pharmacies and wholesalers provide drugs at acceptable costs too. The website, provides customers with latest prices.

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How a Canadian Pharmacy Can Help You Offset Drug Price Hikes

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  • I’m not surprised that you can get cheaper prescription drugs from pharmacies in Canada. Our healthcare system is so far out of balance these days. In my opinion it’s because healthcare is more of a business than a service these days.

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