19 Household Items You Didn’t Realize Had Expiration Dates

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Everyone knows to be cautious about things like spoiled milk or rotten meat. However, you may be surprised to learn that many common household items also have an expiration date.

Make sure to replace these 19 items before they go bad!

Bras – Expires in 1-2 Years

The foam padding and elastic in these supportive garments no longer works correctly after it is stretched out. Get new bras every two years if you handwash them, and replace them every one year if you machine wash them.

Spices – Expires in 1-3 Years

Whole spices like cinnamon sticks or nutmeg pods lose taste in one to three years. If the spice is ground, it will expire within just six months.

Slippers – Expires in 6 Months

Most people keep using the same pair of slippers until they are too broken to function, but this convenient type of footwear actually expires after just six months! Wearing them past the expiration date increases your risk of developing nasty fungal infections.

Flour – Expires in 6-12 Months

Flour goes stale very quickly when it is not stored in an airtight container. There is a noticeable and negative difference in taste within just six to 12 months.

Perfume – Expires in 1-3 Years

Unopened perfume expires after three years while opened perfume expires after two years. Scent particles decay over time, resulting in unpleasant smelling solutions.

Pacifiers – Expires in 2-5 Weeks

The latex material breaks down within just five weeks. The tiny cracks can harbor nasty germs that shouldn’t be in your kid’s mouth.

Hairbrushes  – Expires in 1 Year

Throw out your old hairbrush after a year of use because the bristles weaken and fray quicker than you would think. The expiration date is five months shorter if it’s a natural boar bristle brush.

Running Shoes – Expires in 1 Year

This is another type of footwear that lose its cushioning quickly. After running 300 miles or using them for a year, running shoes cannot properly protect your joints anymore.

Power Strips – Expires in 1-2 Years

A broken power strip can fry expensive electronics if you are not careful. Try to replace these important devices every one to two years.

Toothbrushes – Expires in 3 Months

Dentists advise that you replace a toothbrush when the bristles wear out, but you should actually get rid of it sooner if you are sick. Otherwise, it may trap bacteria and reinfect you.

Kitchen Sponges – Expires in 2 Weeks

These cleaning tools are damp and warm, so mold, fungus, and bacteria flourish in them. Try to replace your kitchen sponge every two weeks.

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Shower Loofahs – Expires in 6 Months

Get a new shower pouf every six months to avoid an excessive buildup of bacteria. Some synthetic poufs can be sterilized in hot water, but this does not always kill all bacteria.

Child Car Seats – Expires in 6-10 Years

The cushioning materials in car seats deteriorate over a few years, so it may not be able to protect your child. Replace car seats after 6-10 years of use, and only buy a secondhand one if it is newer.

Fire Extinguisher – Expires in 15 Years

The chemicals that create the extinguishing solution can stop working eventually. FIre extinguishers are no longer reliable if you’ve had it for over 15 years.

Bedroom Pillows – Expires in 2-3 Years

Did you know that up to a third of your old pillow’s weight is actually dead skin, dust, and dust mites? Pillows tend to become a trap for a lot of unpleasant material, and they lose their cushioning abilities very quickly too. You should replace them every two to three years.

Bathroom Towels – Expires in 1-3 Years

Even if you wash them regularly, there is a lot of bacteria lingering in towels. Since bacteria flourishes in this damp, warm environment, you should throw them out every one to three years.

Mosquito Repellant – Expires in 2 Years

The active ingredients in mosquito repellents break down after two years. Though it is not harmful when expired, it does not protect from mosquitoes.

Hydrogen Peroxide – Expires in 2 Months

This common disinfectant is not a very stable chemical solution. Over time it degrades into a solution that is essentially just water. Replace it every 2 months to keep the sterilizing properties.

Household Cleaners – Expires in 3 Months

Most common disinfectant solutions are only at maximum strength for three months. After this, their ability to kill germs slowly declines.

Here More Surprising Things You Didn’t Know Expire!

So as you can see you need to start checking expiration dates…and it’s not just items in your fridge!

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