Here’s one thing that Big Pharma and Russian mobsters have in common

Well, actually, I’m sure there’s more than one thing. Like, for example, we can assume they both make backroom deals, and they both know that money talks.

But there’s something else.

Both are unfairly trashing the legitimacy of licensed Canadian pharmacies — real, honest-to-goodness, brick-and-mortar pharmacies that have been inspected and approved to sell prescription medications to Americans by the Canadian government.

How are the Russians doing it? Through spam.

Much of the damage to the good name of Canadian pharmacies can be traced to a single criminal organization in Russia that calls itself a “Canadian Pharmacy”.

The group, which operates thousands of sites, sends as many as 60 billion spam e-mails per day. No doctors, no prescriptions, no consultations, no buildings, even — but they will ship you medications.

Some of these rogue pharmacies add metal shavings or other contaminants to the drugs they send out. In 2007, one Canadian woman was killed by pills laced with poisonous metals. The woman’s payments were traced to a Russian bank.

In other words, by sending out millions of spam e-mails, claiming to be Canadian, and then shipping dangerous products, Russian mobsters are giving some Americans the wrong idea about properly licensed Online Canadian and Mail-Order pharmacies.

Big Pharma, Friend of the Mob

So, how is Big Pharma assisting the Russians in impugning the good name of Canadian pharmacies? By cleverly attempting to link these Russian spam operations with legitimate, licensed drugstores — even though there is no link whatsoever.

Big Pharma and organizations that receive funding from Big Pharma, such as the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) and others, have been spewing out op-eds and “reports” lately that say, for example, “90 percent” of pharmacy ads on the Microsoft, Google and Yahoo networks are by “rogue pharmacies.”

What they don’t explain is that, by their definition, all pharmacies based in Canada — even those explicitly approved by the Canadian government to sell prescription drugs to Americans — are “rogue.”

What nonsense. The major search engines run afoul of Big Pharma for one reason and one reason only: they make it easier for Americans to buy medications from Canada. And overall, the search engines have been very responsible in ensuring that only legitimate pharmacies are allowed to advertise, although occasionally a bad actor might slip through the cracks.

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In other words, Big Pharma’s claims are utter nonsense. Unfortunately, some gullible members of the media have fallen for the pharmaceutical industry’s big-dollar PR campaign, hook, line and sinker.

Real Canadian Pharmacies

So, what are real Canadian pharmacies like? The ones that are inspected, licensed and government-approved?

I’ll give you just one example.

AdvCare Pharmacy bills itself as the “neighborhood pharmacy at your fingertips” — and that’s exactly what it is.

Staffed by a team of dedicated, Ontario-licensed pharmacists, AdvCare has an inventory of more than 20,000 prescription drugs and serves residents of both Canada and the United States.

If you want to see for yourself that AdvCare is no different from your own neighborhood pharmacy (except for the prices), you can visit this friendly corner pharmacy in person at its home in Markham, Ontario. The street address is on the Web site.

AdvCare is one of more than 25 duly licensed, completely legitimate online pharmacies in the network.

So please — please — don’t buy the nonsense propagated by Big Pharma and its proxies like the NABP and others. Just because a pharmacy is Canadian doesn’t mean it’s a “rogue pharmacy.” If that were true, where would Canadians go for their own prescriptions?

Big Pharma’s argument is absurd on its face. But of course, that’s never stopped them before.

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