Helpful Ways of How to Take Pills If You Can’t Swallow Them

A lot of us have to take pills from time to time. For some, swallowing pills are easy, but many people have a tough time. No matter your age, if you have a hard time doing this, here are some helpful ways of how to take pills if you can’t swallow them.

Crushing Pills

  • Before crushing any pills, make sure to check with a pharmacist if it’s okay to do so. It’s usually fine to do this with most pills, but it’s very important to know if it’s safe first.
  • Purchase a pill crusher. These were designed as a way of how to take to pills if you can’t swallow them. They can be found in most pharmacies and drug stores. They reduce pills to a fine powder, making them much easier to take. If you don’t have a pill crusher, you can crush pills yourself with something flat, like the back of a large spoon.
  • Once the pills have been crushed, try mixing the powder into a small amount of liquid. Once mixed, simply drink it and try to do so quickly in one gulp so you minimize how long you have to taste it. It’s a good idea to have something on hand (like a piece of chocolate) when you’re done so you can get the crushed pill flavor out of your mouth.

Cutting Pills

  • Cutting pills are another way of how to take pills if you can’t swallow them. Like crushing pills, first check if it is safe to do this. Also, this will only work with solid pills, it won’t work with gel capsules and powder filled capsules.
  • All you need is a knife and a plate. A knife with a thin serrated blade works best, just be careful while using it. Place the pill on a flat plate and slowly cut the pill into as many small pieces as you want. These small pieces will be much easier to swallow and is a quick way of how to take pills if you can’t swallow them.
  • Once the pill has been cut into small pieces, place once piece in your mouth along with some water. Tilt your head back and position the piece to the back of your mouth. Then quickly swallow. If it doesn’t go down the first time, just keep gulping water until it does. Repeat this with every piece, one by one. Again, have something on hand to get the pill flavor out of your mouth.

Concealing Pills

    • Concealing pills are also a way of how to take pills if you can’t swallow them. With this method, you won’t be left with a pill taste in your mouth after you’re done. The important thing to do first is to select a food that you know you can easily swallow. Some people like to use bread or something with a soft and slippery consistency like a gelatin dessert cube.
    • Once you’ve chosen a food, cut a small piece of it that’s just slightly bigger than your pill. Then take that piece and cut it in half. Place the pill inside the two pieces and put the two halves back together. Then simply put it into your mouth and swallow. This way, it’s more like eating food you enjoy rather than the chore of swallowing pills.

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Helpful Ways of How to Take Pills If You Can’t Swallow Them

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  • maagzuurremmers says:

    Swallow pills is in my opinion just a habbit. At the beginning you can have a very hard time. Because it’s very big and it;s against your natural feeling. But after doing it a couple days it will definitely become more easily.

    But from the 3 tips you give in this article, crushing the pills is the best one.

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