7 Surprising Reasons Why Your Dog Should Sleep In Your Bed Every Night

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Come on Up, Pup!

While some people never let their dogs on the bed with them, that attitude just might change after learning about the benefits of letting your pup snuggle up to you and stay there until you are both ready to get up.

Sleeping with Your Dog in Bed Provides…

It turns out that this sleeping arrangement is good for both of you!

Let’s take a look at these surprising health benefits:

1.) Safety

In a world which can feel unstable and threatening, dogs provide a feeling of safety when we are at our most vulnerable, asleep. Dogs are traditionally and instinctively protective of their owners and their territory; and their keen sense of hearing lets them let us know if there is something wrong. A barking warning system next to you on the bed lets you feel secure in the knowledge that if there is anything to worry about, your pooch will let you know.

2.) Warmth

If you get cold at night, a dog sleeping next to you will make you feel warmer and cozier. Since dogs’ body temperatures run from three to six degrees higher than human body temperatures, they automatically warm your bed. Summers may require other sleeping arrangements, but when you need a personal radiator at night, forget the electric blanket and let Fido provide heat the natural way.

3.) Mutual Benefits

Dogs are intensely loyal creatures, and chances are your dog loves you more than anything in the world – with the possible exception of a steak bone! Just as we are comforted and calmed by their presence beside us at night, they are also comforted by this closeness and by the assurance that you love them as much as they love you.

4.) Insomnia Relief

Having insomnia is a problem that many people experience either temporarily or chronically. Your dog’s presence next to you can help you relax and feel calmer, and their rhythmic breathing can help lull you to sleep in much the same way as white noise or nature sounds do.

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5.) Help with Depression

Depression can be a debilitating condition, that creates sadness, apathy and often, a disconnection with others. A dog on the bed next to you can be a great help by providing the kind of unconditional love and instinctive connection that helps lift some of the weight of depression off of you.

6.) Good Brain Chemistry

Whether it’s in bed or out, the simple act of touching or petting a four-footed friend raises the levels of oxytocin in our brains. Oxytocin is known to increase our feelings of stability, trust and relaxation.

7.) Decrease in Stress & Anxiety

Science has shown that service dogs can help owners who suffer from extreme, life-limiting anxiety, and help them deal with the fear of being out in the world. Although it’s not known precisely why our stress levels drop when we sleep with our fur-buddies, their loyal and attentive natures seem to reassure us, and that decrease in anxiety can last through the day.

Which main health benefit of sleeping with your dog in bed do you like best?

Do you sleep with your dog in bed? Tell us in the comments section below.

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One thought on “7 Surprising Reasons Why Your Dog Should Sleep In Your Bed Every Night

  • this is so true. I have six shelties and why I was away from my home at work, four people came into my home. My six shelites took them out. Followed them into the front yard and continued to attack them. Nothing was taken from my home and no one was hiding in a closet when I returned home. The only thing that these intruders left with was dog bites. Dogs are loyal and my little pack of dogs do protect me. My neighbors feel safe too because they alert the homes that someone is coming near.

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