Top 10 Health Benefits of Lemons You Need to Know

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Did you know there are many surprising health benefits of lemons? Most people don’t use lemons all that often.

You might season chicken or fish, add to your guacamole, make some lemonade or squeeze some into your drinking water ever so often, but that’s about it.

People don’t realize there are many impressive health benefits of lemons.

Lemons are loaded with #vitamins A, B6, C, E, #calcium, #copper, #iron, #magnesium, #potassium, #phosphorus and #zinc. No wonder they're called a Powerful Sour! #HomeRemedies #NaturalMedicine Click To Tweet

These tiny fruits are loaded with vitamins A, B6, C, E, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and zinc.

Lemon’s also contain a powerful, natural antiseptic that can be used as a cleaning agent; that’s why we associate the smell of lemon with being“clean” or “fresh”.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Lemons:

Indeed, there are many interesting lemon health benefits with which most people are not familiar.

Here’s our top 11 lemon health benefits that we’ve compiled…

1.) Purify the Air

Cut up a lemon (or three) and place them in a bowl on your nightstand to help you breathe better at night and freshen the smell of your room!

Cut up a #lemon and place it in a bowl on your nightstand for a surprising effect...This tiny sour packs a powerful punch! #HomeRemedies #NaturalMedicine Click To Tweet

This works great if you have a cold, allergies or asthma.

Breathing in the lemon-filled air all night will help you improve your breathing and clear your head and throat the next morning.

2.) Remove Warts

To safely get rid of warts on your skin Prevent Disease recommends you apply a small dab of lemon juice directly to the wart using a cotton swab.

Repeat this for several days until the acid in the lemon juice completely dissolves the wart.

3.) Disinfect Cuts

TA concludes that while lemon juice might sting, minor scrapes and cuts can be protected from infection by holding a lemon juice-soaked cotton ball directly on the wound for one minute.

4.) Get Rid of Dandruff

Do you refuse to wear black or navy blue clothing because you have bad dandruff?

True Activist literally has a “solution” for that problem.

Other than dandruff shampoo you should also rub at least two tablespoons of lemon juice into your scalp before rinsing your hair.

5.) Soften Your Calluses

The staff at True Activist confirms that lemon juice can be used to soften calluses.

Simply blend baking soda with lemon juice into a substance that can be rubbed into your skin.

Then massage into any rough spots or calluses on your hands, feet, elbows and knees.

Next, rinse the areas with a half-and-half mixture of lemon juice and water.

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Complete the treatment by rubbing olive oil into the area.

6.) Increase Your Focus

The Celestine Vision website reports that you can become more alert, more focused, uplifted and energized by inhaling “lemon essential oil”.

They also state that sniffing it at work can make you more productive.

They conclude that sniffing a freshly cut lemon can also have the same results.

7.) Strengthen Your Nails

Livestrong notes that lemon juice can even be used as a health and beauty aid.

Specifically, it can help repair your weakened, brittle nails.

You can mix your own homemade nail strengthener by combining three tablespoons of olive oil with a single tablespoon of lemon juice.

Apply this liquid to the underside and nail bed of each of your nails and allow to dry.

8.) Reduce Asthma Symptoms

According to Prevent Disease, In addition to a general detoxifying diet, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice before each meal, and before going to bed can greatly reduce your asthma symptoms.

9.) Natural Diphtheria Vaccine

Emergency Preparedness Tips recommends to use lemon juice as a safe and natural treatment for diphtheria.

Simply take 1/2 to 1 tablespoons of lemon juice every hour or two; this will help discard the false membrane in the throat and help it to flush out.

10.) Lower Your Blood Pressure

According to True Activist, just drink lemon water at least three times every day.

They add the best way to do this is to warm the lemon water before you drink it and take it in the morning on an empty stomach.

Bonus.) Fights Respiratory Infections

Lemons are also both anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.

That’s why Prevent Disease also indicates that you can fight even the most stubborn respiratory infections by gargling lemon water.

Adding Lemons to Your Diet

Here’s a fresh idea. Try freezing your lemons. This will allow you to grate them more easily, add them to drinks, help save you money and more!

Which of these lemon health benefits work great for you?

Please tell us in the comments section below.

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