Health 2.0 Goes Beyond Borders and Self-Serving Interests

GigaOm invited guest blogger René Seifert, an entrepreneur in Europe & India, to discuss the Health 2.0 trend in Germany.

As companies such as Google (GOOG) ready their Health 2.0 plans, numerous German firms are promising to bring more online transparency to that country?s notoriously over-regulated health care market. Incumbents with strong content portals like Netdoktor or Onmeda, which are comparable to WebMD in the U.S., have been around for years. Recently, however, new entrants have begun looking to capitalize on web 2.0 principles for health care as well.

Dr.Uri Ginzburg, who writes the Medical 2.0 blog commented on Seifert’s post saying that the mere fact that GigaOm is focusing on this trend shows that the sector is growing.

Well, maybe so, but we especially agreed with Uri’s second point, which is that Health 2.0 is a worldwide phenomenon.  Accountability by drug companies, physicians and other healthcare fields will continue to become more important everywhere – not just the U.S.

With more Americans looking outside the country for medication and medical procedures, this will continue to put pressure on the worldwide community to provide excellent care.

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We are obviously big proponents of giving the customer the power and knowledge to take charge and make intelligent decisions.  They should not be limited to outdated ideas and self-serving interests that seal them into the care provided within their own borders.

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It’s good to see the discussion about Health 2.0 going beyond the traditional medial community.

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