Hallmark cards for cancer, anorexia and depression?

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From the Chicago Tribune:

Hallmark Cards Inc., which has built its $4.2 billion empire on sentiments for life’s happier times, is releasing a new line of cards that will speak to … situations that the company says either have been ignored by greeting-card companies or received only a smattering of attention from niche players.

For illness: “Cancer is a villain who doesn’t play fair … but it can’t dim your spirit, and it can’t silence prayer.”

For eating disorders: “All I want is for you to be healthy–healthy and happy with yourself. Please take it one day at a time until you are.”

For depression: “When the world gets heavy, remember, I’m here to help carry it with you.”

The 176-card collection, called Journeys, went on sale last week at Hallmark’s 3,800 Gold Crown stores.

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Healthbolt comments:

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Now, I live in Kansas City, so I have dear friends and family who work at Hallmark and I like some of the things that company does. Like provide a paycheck to some of my friends and family. I also really like their cards. But this seems like gross profiteering off of people’s most troublesome sorrows.

I’d also like to add that if, ever clinically depressed and someone buys me a greeting card specifically addressing my depression in a rhyming manner, I might just end it all right there in front of them.

I know it’s hard to find the right words to say when your friends or family are stricken with a serious disease or disorder — but a Hallmark card?

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