Some Good News for Senior Medicare Beneficiaries

Last Thursday, the Obama administration announced that senior Medicare beneficiaries will pay the same premiums in 2015 that they are paying this year and the same as the premiums they paid in 2013. This is good news for seniors who use Medicare, most of whom will pay a premium of $104.90 per month. These premiums fall under Part B of the federal insurance program and affect people who are over 65 years of age. They cover visits to the doctor, outpatient care, and necessary medical supplies.

What About Deductibles?

Annual deductibles for the majority of people who fall under Part B of the Medicare program will also remain unchanged. It is currently $147 for most people and this will be the deductible in 2015. However, those who are in skilled nursing facilities will pay slightly more per day if they are in the facility longer than 20 days. The amount is going up from $152 per day to $157.50 per day.

What About Prescription Drugs?

Prescription drugs are covered under Part D of the federal insurance program. The premiums for prescription medications under this plan are going up slightly to $32 per month. Fortunately, this is not going to make prescription costs skyrocket for senior citizens, many of whom take multiple medications on a daily basis, such as Lipitor to treat high cholesterol, Accupril to treat high blood pressure, Celebrex as an anti-inflammatory, Evista to treat osteoporosis, and Namenda to treat Alzheimer’s.

However, is it wise for all people enrolled in Part D to review their coverage and make sure it is still right for them because now is the time they can choose a new plan. Just remember to consider more than just the cost of the plan when deciding what is right for you. You need to be sure the plan covers the cost of the drugs you need. If you are a Medicare recipient and do not currently receive coverage for your prescription drugs, then you can now enroll in the Part D program.

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Fortunately, there is an alternative for Christians who are looking for a good drug plan or who are thinking of switching from Medicare. It’s called Medi-Share and it has been designed to uphold good Christian values. Those Christians enrolled in Medi-Share help pay for each’s others medical costs and the program is not bound by the guidelines set out in the Affordable Care Act because Medi-Share is a ministry of health care.

Regardless of whether you choose Medicare, Medi-Share, or another alternative, you will still need to pay for at least some of your prescription costs out-of-pocket. Fortunately, there is a way to cut those costs. If you want to save between 50%-90% on the cost of all your prescription medications, then visit, where we have been working with trusted licensed Canadian pharmacies for over seven years.

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Some Good News for Senior Medicare Beneficiaries

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