8 Gluten Intolerance Symptoms That Many People Brush Off and Ignore

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Gluten intolerance symptoms can remain hidden fairly easy.  Gluten sensitivity is becoming a serious condition, and not just for those diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Many people have trouble digesting gluten containing foods, such as wheat, rye, and barley.

A gluten intolerance is when your body’s cannot to break down or digest the gluten protein found in many wheat products and other grains.

Modern agricultural practices worldwide have changed the composition of many grains, making them less digestible. This has lead to an increase in gluten sensitivity.

There are several symptoms that you may be experiencing a sensitivity or intolerance to gluten. Many of these are overlooked as simple allergies or just feeling out of sorts.

Gluten Intolerance Symptoms

Here is a list of gluten intolerance symptoms to look out for that may point to gluten sensitivity or even Celiac disease.

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1.) Itchy Skin

Itchy skin is commonly attributed to your immune system creating extra antibodies to combat the gluten. Being unable to digest gluten can lead to skin issues that include: dermatitis, eczema, rosacea and skin rashes.

2.) Irritability

Irritability isn’t normal unless you are feeling crummy inside and out. If you are experiencing an unusual amount of irritability or mood swings, consider be tested for gluten intolerance or Celiac. The New England Journal of Medicine listed 55 has diseases that gluten can cause or worsen.

3.) Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue is not just a symptom of not getting enough sleep. You can experience severe fatigue during the day from a number of conditions. One of those is poor quality of sleep due to digestive stress. You may be in bed for 8 hours, but your intestines may be wide awake and working hard the entire time.

5.) Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches are generally an indication that something isn’t right internally. If you experience a headache not long after eating a meal containing gluten, this may be a sign of intolerance.

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6.) Dizziness & Confusion

Dizziness and confusion occur when we have what is known as a Leaky Gut. Leaky gut is directly related to gluten intolerance. When undigested food particles leak into areas of our bodies where they don’t belong, we get light headed, dizzy and experience brain fog.

If you start experiencing unexplained episodes of feeling off-balance or not able to do simple physical task, such as lifting something without dropping it, try not eating gluten to see if the issue resolves.

7.) Joint Pain & Swelling

Joint pain and swelling are indicators of inflammation in the body. Inflammation is a way for your body to let you know that you may have an autoimmune condition, such as Celiac Disease.

8. Intolerance to Gluten & Lactose

Intolerance to gluten and lactose look very similar in terms of how they affect your body and the symptoms you might notice. If you’re already having problems digesting lactose, then gluten might be just as difficult for your body to process.

4.) Tummy Trouble to the Max

Tummy trouble may seem too obvious. That’s because they are. Gas, bloating, and alternating diarrhea and constipation after eating are all possible signs that you may be gluten intolerant.

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