5 Fruit Infused Water Recipes to Help You Slim Down

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You probably like popping chunks of fruit into your water to improve its bland taste and to enable you to drink up, right?

Well, this just in: it not only adds flavor and color to your water, but it is also healthy.

According to Acqua Blend, the antioxidants in your infused water help your body get rid of toxins with every sip.

And it gets better; Lose Weight by Eating’s Audrey Johns notes that drinking fruit-infused water helps your body recover better after a grueling workout.

The benefits of fruit-infused water does not end with flavor and antioxidants.

Water is calorie-free, so you do not have to worry about the quantity as you would with caffeinated drinks.

In your pursuit to stay healthy, hydration is a big part of the plan.

Making some fruit-infused water in advance could ensure that you have something healthy to sip on all day.

It also eliminates the temptation to reach for artificially sweetened drinks.

Benefits of Fruit-Infused Water

Acqua Blend and Lose Weight by Eating say that infused water:

  • Keeps you hydrated.
  • Improves your mood.
  • Boost your metabolism.
  • Keeps you fuller for longer.
  • Help rid your body or toxins.
  • Help you manage your cravings.
  • Helps you recover faster from a workout.
  • Reduces muscle fatigue during your workout.
  • The vitamins in the fruit increase your energy.
  • The fiber in the fruit helps with food digestion.
  • Boost your energy levels until the end of the day.
  • The citrus and mint-flavored infused water help soothe your stomach.
  • The nutrients from the fruits help the body release fat cells, which hold water weight.
  • Helps you cut your calorie intake since you would be taking less of the sugary drinks.
  • Hydration makes it possible to sweat during workouts, which keeps your organs healthy.

Fruit Infused Water Recipes

Here’s our top 5 favorite fruit infused water recipes…

1.) Mango Ginger Infused Water

This is our favorite! The mango and ginger combo is not as common as most of the recipes above.

The truth, though, is that this infusion is a healthy secret hidden in plain sight. While ginger and mango are known for their metabolism-boosting ability, few people know them for their healing properties.

Ginger not only has a unique taste and aroma, but it also helps soothe heartburn and significantly reduce motion and morning sickness.

Mangoes also have their fair share of unique qualities. John, Lose Weight by Eating says that they boost memory, improve digestion, and increase your sex drive.

Lose Weight by Eating has the recipe for this.

2.) Apple-Cinnamon Infused Water

Cinnamon and apples are known for their ability to stimulate metabolism, individually.

Imagine what combining the two of them would do for your body.

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According to Johns of Lose Weight by Eating, the vitamins in apples, C and B, the antioxidants and phytonutrients could reduce the body’s risk for hypertension, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

Cinnamon lowers cholesterol and fights diabetes.

Lose Weight By Eating has different recipes for this fantastic combination.

3.) Cucumber-Citrus Infused Water

For a refreshing and hydrating drink, cucumber, fresh mint, grapefruit, and lime will keep you sipping from your mason jar all day long.

This fruit-infused drink not only tickles your taste buds, but it also soothes your stomach and boosts your metabolism.

The full recipe is on Budget Savvy Diva.

4.) Blueberry Orange Infused Water

Medical Daily says that blueberries could prevent you from developing a urinary tract infection.

They are also a powerhouse of fiber and antioxidants. Apart from the vitamin C that they are known for, oranges give your water the citrusy flavor that keeps your lips glued to your water bottle throughout the day.

You can get the full recipe from Peach Kitchen.

5.) Strawberry, Citrus, Cinnamon Infused Water

We all want flawless skin and a way to curb our craving for sweets, don’t we?

Blogilates Designs vouches for this recipe to help you achieve those goals.

While cinnamon satiates your cravings and keeps your blood sugar levels in check, lemon improves digestion.

Strawberries, on the other hand, are packed with antioxidants that take care of your skin.

Blogilates Designs has the full recipe.

Which fruit infused water recipe will YOU try first?

Let us know in the comments below which recipe you liked the best.

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