10 Genius Reasons Why You Should Keep Lemons in Your Freezer

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When you freeze lemons it allows you to use these powerful sours in many creative ways! Consuming lemons is a great way to improve your overall health. People don’t realize there are many impressive health benefits of lemons.

These powerful sour fruits are loaded with vitamins A, B6, C, E, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and zinc.

The nutrients and antioxidants in lemons can work to cleanse the body, which also improves the immune system further.

For all of these reasons, lemons should be used more often in people’s diets.

So Why Should We Freeze Lemons?

Here are ten reasons why you should be keeping lemons in your freezer to make use of them every day.

1.) Lemons Help Prevent Cancer

Life Advancer claims that lemon contains limonoids. These are natural compounds that are found in citrus fruits, and they are great at preventing cancer cells from forming.

They are particularly great at focusing in on breast cancer and removing those cells.

These limonoids are also a great way to fight off bacterial, fungi, and internal parasites from causing an infection. This factor alone is a great reason for using lemons more often.

2.) Lemons Can Alkalize the Body

Running on a body that is rather acidic makes for many bad situations according to Care2. It can upset the stomach, and it can also affect fertility. At the same time, the body is more prone to becoming ill.

To remove these chances of illness and so on, consuming lemons can be great for alkalizing the body. In other words, the body’s pH in its natural habitat is refocused and aligned.

3.) Lemons Are Rich in Vitamin C

As stated previously, lemons are a fantastic fruit for obtaining Vitamin C. Not only does this vitamin help us to fight off colds and the flu, it also works to neutralize free radicals in the body.

These free radicals are rather dangerous. They can cause the body to age prematurely, and they also can lead to deadly diseases like various types of cancer.

According to Real Food for Life, the free radicals are what cause the body to fade over time as fast as it does. There are many foods in our diets that lead to too many free radicals in the body.

Adding more lemons to a diet will help to combat those free radicals.

4.) Frozen Lemons Help Save Money

Freezing lemons means they will last longer. Therefore, freezing lemons reduces waste.

This task means that a lemon will last longer, so it will not spoil. In this case, there will not be a need to purchase extra lemons later on.

When lemons go on sale, though, it would be a great time to stock up. Simply throw them in the freezer and taken them out when they are needed.

5.) Frozen Lemons Are Great for Cooking

Some people like to freeze their lemons in ice cube trays. The lemon peel with some of the juice end up being frozen together in a mash of an ice cube. This process can pose a problem.

In some cases, adding a frozen ice cube of lemon can end up adding too much water to a dish. This occurrence will wreck the texture of the dish with ease.

However, lemon ice cubes are great for some people. Those people who like lemon water or tea with some lemon in it would benefit from the splash of flavor these ice cubes give.

At the same time, they cool down the drink by only imparting flavor and without giving too much water.

6.) Lemons Are Perfect for Making Drinks

Many cocktails and other drinks are great with lemon. Lemon juice is refreshing, and it can also mellow out some stronger flavors. It works great with other fruits, like strawberries and oranges.

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Lemons can actually heighten the flavors of these other fruits. Healthy and Natural World says freezing lemons can also help make your food and beverages preparation a lot easier.

7.) Lemon Peels Are Loaded with Vitamins

Many people do not realize how valuable lemon peel really is and how many uses there are for it. Health Unlocked states that the peel contains up to ten times more vitamins than the lemon’s juice or flesh.

Freezing lemon peel makes it all the easer to grate up into food.

The peel is often forgotten and shoved aside for the trash. However, it should not go underutilized. It should be frozen for the sake of being used in food more often.

8.) Lemons Help the Body to Perform Repairs

Surprisingly, lemons are great at making the body go into a repair mode that is far more efficient then what it can do on its own. The extreme amount of Vitamin C tends to be essential factors in making this repair mode begin.

As a matter of fact, a large lemon contains an average of 53 mg of Vitamin C, which is just about 90 percent of the total daily value someone needs. It keys the body to produce collagen, which the body needs to repair skin and muscles.

Additionally, lemons are great at helping new bone to form, at cleaning blood vessels to plaque, and helping wounds to heal on their. This information comes courtesy of Healthy Eating.

9.) Lemons Are Stronger When They’re Frozen

Truth be told, not very many people like the taste of lemon on its own. It can be too sour or too sweet or too tart.

It is okay if people do not want to use them in their whole form. Therefore, freezing lemons and grating them into dishes makes use of their Vitamin C power without letting that equally powerful flavor ruin a dish.

Because of being frozen, lemons are able to stand up to grating far more easily. They also do not release extra oils or juices during the grating process in this way.

There are many dishes that grated lemon can be added to. One of the most popular options is salad dressings or noodle and rice dishes.

10.) Lemons Are Low Calorie With Virtually No Sugar

One of the best reasons to use lemons as frequently as possible is the fact that it imparts great flavor with fewer calories and less sugar than other options.

Healthy Eating says there are only 2.9 grams of sugar per 100 grams of lemon in this case. It only has about 29 calories on its own.

Some people opt to add more sugar to lemons, but this step is not necessary to make use of the great flavor lemons have all on their own.

How to Freeze Lemons

In Conclusion

There are many reasons to go and freeze some lemons. The ultimate goal of freezing lemons though is to find ways to put them more in a daily diet more often.

Doing so will boost your immune system and reduce your risk of cancer by great numbers.

Do you know more reasons why we should freeze lemons?

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