Essential Flu Season Tips [Infographic] to Keep Your Family Healthy

It is now December and the flu season has gotten off to a slow start this year. However, it is coming and already cases have starting popping up, so it is best to be prepared. The first thing that comes to mind when we think about preparing for flu season is to get vaccinated, but this year the flu vaccine may not be the best defense. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently issued a press release stating that that this year’s flu may be more severe and that this year’s vaccine may not be entirely effective.

Guessing Game

Every year, experts at the CDC and the World Health Organization (WHO) play an educated guessing game as to which flu viruses will be prevalent over the coming winter. They make this guess months in advance so that they have time to create the vaccine for that flu season. Sometimes their guess is good and sometimes it’s not. This year falls into the “not” category with seasonal influenza A H3N2 having mutated enough that the effectiveness of the vaccine is now in question. Yet, hundreds of thousands of people have already paid for their potentially ineffective vaccination and there are no refunds coming their way. If they get sick, then they will still have to fork out money for a prescribed treatment.

First Line of Defense is NOT Vaccination

Having a strong immune system really is the first line of defense against the flu. A strong immune system will decrease the risk of getting the flu, and if you get sick, then a strong immune system will help you fight it off more quickly. According to Dr. Mark Hyman, you can strengthen your immune system in the following ways:

  • Get enough exercise
  • Eat good, healthy, fresh foods, including fruits and vegetables that are rich in color
  • Increase your intake of vitamin C and vitamin D
  • Drink plenty of fluids, including warmer drinks, such as herbal tea (matcha green tea), or soups and broths
  • Try to get a good night’s rest and get 7-8 hours of sleep so your body can restore & heal itself.
  • Avoid sugar! This includes sweet treats, white flour and refined grain products
  • Increase your intake of garlic, onions, ginger, and spices (such as turmeric and oregano), by adding them to your meals

Flu Season Tips Doctors Don’t Tell You

And remember the following, which doctors don’t tell you:

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  • You can still get the flu, even if you have been vaccinated
  • You can request a mercury-free vaccine if you choose to get vaccinated
  • There are needle-free options for vaccination
  • Keep at least six feet between you and anyone who is sick with flu-like symptoms (the flu virus can travel that far)
  • Wash your hands frequently and for at least 15-20 seconds

If You Get the Flu . . .

Stay home! Don’t put others at risk by going to work or school. Get plenty of rest and treat the symptoms. You can use many over-the-counter (OTC) medications to help treat symptoms of the flu, including Tylenol, Dimetapp, and Drixoral. For help in speeding up recover, prescription flue medication may be prescribed. These include Tamiflu and Relenza, the two most commonly recommended medications for flu treatment, but you might not need these to beat the flu, if you have boosted your immune system and take good care of yourself. If you need OTC and/or prescription flu medication, then you will want to get that medication at the most reasonable price possible. To save between 50%-90% on the cost of all your prescription medications, please visit, where we have been working with trusted licensed online pharmacies for over seven years.

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Flu Season Tips Infographic


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Flu Season Tips Infographic

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