Florida Times-Union credits eDrugSearch.com in editorial

The Florida Times-Union, the newspaper of Jacksonville, FL, published an editorial today headlined, “Internet Pharmacies: A prescription for death.”

We’re not crazy about that headline, as you might imagine. We’ve worked very hard to get the news media to distinguish legitimate, licensed Canadian pharmacies from dangerous, rogue online pharmacies in their coverage. But you know how it is.

In any case, we were pleased that the Times-Union’s editorial used one of our blog posts to illustrate the seriousness of the problem of prescription drug abuse. The relevant excerpt:

Most people know that Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe both died from an overdose of prescription drugs.

Judy Garland also succumbed to a prescription drug overdose – as did Howard Hughes and Anna Nicole Smith, reports eDrugSearch.com, a medication advocacy site.

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Then, there was Paige Summers. The Web site says she was 1998 Penthouse Pet of the Year.

Five years later, she was killed by an overdose of codeine and oxycodone.

For those who haven’t read it, here’s the full blog post on celebrity prescription drug overdoses.

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  • There is certainly a very big difference between quality, professional online pharmacies and the pill mills that this article refers to. You guys and any other legitimate online pharmacy concern should be firing off some letters to that editor in protest.

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