Is Fetzima the Best SNRI for Your Anxiety and Depression?

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Coping with anxiety, depression or other mental health conditions is an on-going battle. Coping with the side effects of certain medications can be, as well.

Coping with the cost of certain medications can hinder your wellness journey if you cannot afford them. Saving money on your medications can be easier than you might think, and here we will be looking at Fetzima, for depression.

What is it?

This is a medication, also know by the name Levomilnacipran, that helps you effectively deal with your depression. It works by balancing out the SNRIs in your Brian, which is serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors.

It can help improve your sleep, your overall moods and other aspects of your life affect by depression like appetite, and your ability to continue working and functioning at your job, at home, and with your everyday life.

On the market since 2013, there were extensive studies done and studies with people who suffer from depression. These tests were conducted on people who had used other anti-depressants and covered all walks of life and a wide age range.

These tests were conducted by the company and statistics can be found on their website, along with other information about the drug.

Similar Medications

There certainly are other medications that are used to treat depression that is similar to Fetzima that have been on the market longer. Some like Cymbalta, Effexor, and Pristine, but Fetzima has a more balanced ratio of ‘serotonin to norepinephrine reuptake inhibition’ of these mentioned.

Some of these medications have been around a lot longer than Fetzima, but may still not have the proper balance needed to help everyone. Adjustments in dosages are common, but why not start with one that is more balanced.

Are There Side Effects?

Sometimes getting better can make us feel worse, sometimes only for a while, sometimes long term. There are side effects with the use of an anti-depressant, and Fetzima is no exception.

There are no side effects different from any other medications used to fight depression, like heart rate increase, nausea, and vomiting, sweating or constipation, but these will be described to you by your medical professional.

Of course, the one that will be best for you will be between you and your medical professional, and some trial and error is likely to occur. As with any medication developed to alter your mood, you will need to take precautions until you are comfortable with the effects.

There can also be more severe side effects, like suicidal thoughts may increase. It’s important you are aware of these and consult your healthcare specialist immediately.

Positive Side Effects

The whole reason for taking medication is to get healthier. There are many testimonials and medical research finding that Fetzima can help you with your depression.

Sleeping better, which always improves one’s mood, slight loss of appetite, which is great for those who experienced weight gain on certain medications, and a better ability to concentrate.

Sleeping better and longer has a great effect on our overall moods and outlook on life. The change in our ability to focus at work means we are more productive in our jobs and our lives.

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It isn’t just us that is improved, but also those around us. Out family and friends, our co-workers will all benefit from our enhanced moods. When one aspect of our life falls into place, the rest all seem to follow along.

You can read all the reviews you like, but there is really no way to know if Fetzima is right for you unless you try it. If you are struggling with your current medication, you can ask your medical professional about switching.

Cost of Fetzima

Drug costs are a real worry for many people. In particular, if you don’t have any health insurance and are trying to make ends meet. It’s a vicious circle we travel when we can’t afford our meds and can’t function without them. How are we meant to hold down a job? How are we meant to hold it together?

With cuts going on in health care, it can be very worrying, indeed, about how you can pay for medications you need. If you are unable to work, the can greatly affect your benefits from your job.

Anti-depressant medication can range anywhere from $30 to over $300. That’s in discount drug and department stores, even with a coupon, and the generic brand, it’s a lot of money every month.

There are easier ways to get the medications you need, without having to mortgage the house. Although a relatively new drug, Fetzima can be purchased online for sometime half what you would pay elsewhere.

Buying online can save you not only money but the ordeal of having to go out and get it. There is nothing worse than feeling blue and not wanting to have to deal with the real world when you don’t have to.

Save Smart

As Fetzima is a newer medication, there is no generic brand yet available, so please be aware of this, if you are offered it. These can be fraudulent medications and cause you hard.

Shopping online isn’t just for books anymore, you can get all your prescriptions needs to be completed with a simple click. You save money, not just on the medications but you don’t need to travel out to get, so you save on gas, or transit and the stress and anxiety that can cause.

You will still need the prescription, and any other documentation, in order to receive the medicine but once that is set up, there is no better way to comparison shop for your medication.

By searching from the comfort of your own home, you can check not only prices but licenses, read reviews and search for any number of medications you and your family may need.

Our health is important to us and paying for it can be expensive, but it doesn’t need to be. You can cut costs dramatically and keep your money for the other important things in your life.

It doesn’t cost you anything to search for the best prices, so get started here, to find the best option for you and compare prices to other online and actual stores.

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