How to Get Rid of Fat Under Chin Fast

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Get ready to show off a new you! Even the most stubborn areas can be exercised away and that includes a double chin. A study by Livestrong showed that double chins can develop with age for some people, but choosing exercises that work on and target the double chin specifically can allow you to overcoming genetics. Be smart if you want to lose your double chin: focus on working the right areas, and you’ll soon forget that you ever had a double chin!

How to Get Rid of a Fat Under Chin

Warm up the chin and neck muscles by moving our heads forward and backward, leading with the chin. Feeling stretched out?

Then get started on these five exercises below, which are perfectly targeted to trim and slim even the most difficult of double chins. Let’s go!

1.) Ladle

First, try to turn your mouth into a ladle. Open it wide and curl your lower lip inward to cover your bottom teeth. Once you have stretched your lower lip over your bottom teeth, slowly bring your jaw forward to close your mouth. Your mouth should be closed so that your curled lower lip is touching your upper lip. Make sure you do this all slowly so that you are really engaging your muscles! Repeat. Then, let your jaw fall slack, open and close your mouth a few times to prepare for the next exercise.

2.) Ceiling Kisses

Now, let’s engage our neck muscles along with our jaw. Tilt your head back gently so that you can see the ceiling. Then, show your ceiling that you love it by puckering your lips together like you’re blowing the ceiling a kiss. Repeat to tone your neck & work on that double chin!

3.) Touch Your Nose

This game is no longer just for little kids – it’s time to try to touch your nose with your tongue! Place a finger under your chin, and then try using your tongue to touch your nose. You should be able to feel your muscles engaging and extending. That’s your muscles getting stronger!

4.) Resistance Is Key

A key aspect of all successful exercise routines is using resistance. Place your hands in fists and then rest your chin on top of them. Use your chin to press down into your fists. Forcing your chin muscles to engage with some resistance will help tone your double chin.

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5.) Perfect Oval or Triangle of Youth

Many people find the ideal facial shape to be a perfect oval. You can work your muscles towards reaching that shape with this simple exercise. Twist your head to one side. Push your lower jaw out so that your lower lip extends farther than your upper lip. Hold for three seconds before repeating the exercise on the other side. While doing this, notice how your neck and jaw muscles engage with each movement. Feel the double chin fall away!

See your future with this video, which will break down the moves for you once again, and share with any friends who have been facing the same problem areas as you!

Which double chin exercise worked for you?

Tell us in the comments section below.

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How to Get Rid of Fat Under Chin

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