Exubera: inhaler or rolling pin?

Although Exubera is turning out to be a flop, you can’t say it’s not good for something. Turns out it’s good for disciplining deadbeat husbands, fighting off dogs while jogging, and rolling dough.

According to analysts, Pfizer was slow to market with Exubera, initially assigning it to a sales team that was not prepared to explain it to doctors, and then not beginning to advertise it until this summer. Some doctors complain the Exubera inhaler costs too much and isn’t covered by many insurers. It also looks like something you would find in a college frat house.

Pfizer vice chairman David Shedlarz responded to this uproar by saying, “Exubera was not our finest day. We made a lot of mistakes with what is a profoundly important therapeutic.”

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