Eli Lilly against free speech?

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Eli Lilly, accused of downplaying the health risks of Zyprexa, is trying to stop other people from talking about it, too. After the leaking and publication of incriminating Lilly internal documents, various online media organizations and Web sites have come forward claiming that Lilly has gagged their online speech.

While the New York Times was able to beat a court injunction and was allowed to keep leaked Lilly materials, the judge apparently thinks less-esteemed media outlets deserve less freedom of speech. According to Evelyn Pringle at OpEdNews.com:

Following a few weak arguments by Lilly attorneys during the hearing, the court extended the injunction, not to cover the Times, but to include the Wiki internet web site, Eric Whalen’s web site, the Alliance for Human Research Protection web sites, and the MindFreedom web site.

Pringle concludes:

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Freedom of the press can not be based on the size of a publication or its readership, or in the case of the Times in this instance, the recognition of the power and availability of funds of a newspaper to rise up and fight against a violation of that right.

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