Aren’t you just a little bit curious to see what articles and infographics were the most popular in 2014?

Here’s the countdown:

14.) What Everybody Ought to Know About Heartburn Medications – Learn about the upside to taking heartburn medications, downsides and risks, proper diagnosis, and how to find the best price on your medications.

13.) 17 Common Prescription Drugs with Bad Side Effects – Let’s take a look at a few of these prescription drugs with bad side effects, what those side effects are, and what you can do if you experience any of them.

12.) Pay LESS than Your $10 Co-pay for Many Generic Medications! – If your monthly co-pay is $10, then that seems reasonable. But what if you can get your generic medications for less than $10 per month?

 11.) Celebrities with Mental Illness [Infographic] – Check out the Celebrities with Mental Illness infographic to help bring awareness to the 43 million Americans who battle mental illness each day.

10.) Prayer, Pain & Pills: Is Taking Medicine a Sin? – Is taking medicine a sin? Many Christians belong in 4 schools of thought when it comes to the topic of medicine and religion. Which one are you?

9.) Canadian Pharmacies — Setting the Record Strait About Safety – Big Pharma continues to use scare tactics to protect their profits by deterring Americans from buying safe medications from Licensed Canadian pharmacies.

8.) Celebrity Drug Overdoses [Infographic] – We’ve compiled a list of celebrity drug overdoses to help bring awareness to prescription drug abuse. Many lives have been cut short due to drug overdose, accidental or not. See the celebrities who have died from drug overdoses.

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7.) Here’s a Quick Way to Prevent Medication Errors in Kids – Medication errors in kids are between 5-27% of all pediatric medication orders which have resulted in approx. 7,000 deaths per year. How does this happen? What can we do?

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6.) 10 Over-the-Counter Drugs You Need to Avoid During Pregnancy – Let’s take a look at the top 10 over-the-counter drugs to avoid during pregnancy — that may threaten your baby’s life.

5.) The Financial Toxicity of Cancer Treatment – 60 minutes: The Cost of Cancer Drugs with Leslie Stahl got down to the core of the high drug prices and the financial toxicity of cancer treatment.

4.) Generic Prices Are Going Up . . . Say It Ain’t So!  – Generic prices are going up, making the once affordable alternatives out of reach for some people. Let’s see what you can do to protect your wallet.

3.) Essential Flu Season Tips [Infographic] to Keep Your Family Healthy – Follow and share these essential flu season tips (infographic) to help strengthen your immune system so you can avoid getting sick the season.

2.) 18 Sure-Fire Tips to Save Money on Prescription Drugs – Drug costs continue to rise 15% every year and affects nearly 65 million Americans. Read and share our free tips to save money on prescription drugs.

1.) Insidious Greed: How Big Pharma Rips You Off on Drugs – As long as Big Pharma is allowed to operate this stunningly predatory business model, Americans will continue getting ripped off by Big Pharma.

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