Young Doctor Discovers New Way to Use Lasers to Kill Cancer Cells

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Cancer is a disease that has completely affected human life. To date, scientists have failed to come to an understanding as to what causes cancer.

There are many misconceptions on its origin. Previous research shows that cancer is a malady that might have affected previous generations.

Also, there are various types of cancer with each one of them touching a different part of your body. Cancer as a disease directly affects your human cells and makes them reproduce in unlimited amounts.

Besides, you only come to discover that you have cancer at its advanced stages, a point when the disease has been known to result in death. However, cancer is treatable in its infancy.

Many of us have lost loved ones to this disease, including Dr. Hadiyah Green. Earlier in life, Dr. Green saw two of her close relatives die from cancer.

However, her breaking point became her turning point when she began to set her heart and mind on achieving what other doctors failed to do.

Determined on finding a reliable cure for the illness, Dr. Hadiyah has devoted her life and career to using laser technology to find a cure for cancer. Fortunately enough, her efforts have bore fruit.

Doctor Hadiyah Green’s Story

Her Skills & Qualifications

From a very young age, Hadiyah Green has proven to be a smart lady, both in class and in real life. Her passion for Physics has seen her qualify for an honorary degree at the Alabama A&M University.

Dr. Green’s Past Ordeals with Cancer

Just after her college education, Dr. Hadiyah came to find out that her aunt, a woman who had practically raised her, had cancer. Even at its advanced stages, her aunt refused to undergo chemotherapy.

Shortly after, her uncle, the husband of her deceased aunt also came to be diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Having undergone chemotherapy, Hadiyah’s uncle, unfortunately, succumbed to the disease, with his body completely disfigured from years of chemo treatment.

To this end, it has been Dr. Green’s mission to find a better way to treat cancer.

What Laser Technology Means to Dr. Hadiyah Green

For a long time, Dr. Green’s wish has been to find a cure for cancer that would not damage your cells. Fortunately, laser technology has given her the much-needed window of opportunity.

In her design, she uses nanoparticles to kill cancerous cells, while leaving healthy cells entirely untouched. Dr. Green is now the first person and woman in the world to treat cancer by virtually using lasers successfully.

Radiation Treatment vs Laser Treatment


With radiation treatment, cancerous cells undergo subjection to protons, electron beams, gamma, and x-rays. Although radiation treatment targets cancerous cells, it causes serious harm to your body if you happen to face exposure to it for a long time.

Also, extreme exposure to radiation might trigger your normal cells to become cancerous. Other side effects that come as a result of your exposure to radiation include:-

  • Anemia
  • Loss of hair
  • Skin problems
  • Eating disorders
  • Unexplained body exhaustion

Laser Treatment

So far, laser treatment has been found to be useful in the treatment of cancer. It targets not only your cancerous cells but also cells that might have been affected by other methods of treating the disease with radiation.

Laser treatment begins by heat being made use of to shrink or reduce malignant tissue. Also, laser treatment stimulates the body to produce the photosensitizing agent, a chemical that destroys cancerous cells in your body.

3 Types of Lasers for Cancer Treatment

1.) Carbon Dioxide Lasers

These types of lasers are precision tools in the treatment of your cancer. They are usually used to destroy tumors in your body by either cutting the affected tissues or by vaporizing them.

Carbon dioxide lasers prove to be useful in your treatment especially if you discover that you are suffering from the disease at an early stage.

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eDrugSearch - save on medication costs and get free drug coupons

Since this procedure is safe for you, it does little or no harm to your surrounding cells thus causing you no pain whatsoever.

2.) Argon Lasers

Argon lasers are just as capable as the ones made from carbon dioxide. However, the argon lasers do not cut deep into your malignant tissues.

Instead, they are used to treat subsurface issues, especially problems with your skin and eyes. Besides, they help safely remove your colon polyps before they become full-grade cancer cells.

3.) Nd:YAG Lasers

The Nd:YAG (Neodymium: Yttrium-Aluminum-Garnet) lasers go a long way into your tissues. Unlike the carbon and argon lasers, they are effective in destroying cancer cells that affect your inner body.

Some of the parts of the body they are commonly used to treat include but are not limited to the esophagus and colon. During treatment, these lasers help clot your blood quickly thus protecting you from the excessive loss of blood.

Side Effects of Laser Therapy

Green’s technology is only usable by technocrats who have undergone previous training on the use of these machines. Besides, most of the laser equipment in use today is expensive to acquire.

Apart from that, the machines are quite bulky and this forces institutions that purchase them to assemble the devices on site.

Since the light emanating from the lasers is harmful to your eyes, medical facilities have to store these machines in specialized rooms.

When it comes to laser therapy, you have to undergo laser treatment more than once so that you can completely get rid of tumors from your body.

Finally, you might get to experience periods of pain and escalating body temperature days after laser treatment.

 Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green has new lasery treatment for cancer

Dr. Green’s Laser Therapy Technology

For a very long time, Dr. Hadiyah Green has found it meaningful to help people suffering from cancer.

Since making money is not her top priority, she has started a foundation in memory of her late aunt and uncle meant to help people suffering from cancer get access to affordable healthcare.

The Ora Lee Smith Foundation centers on cancer research and finding lasting cure. Dr. Hadiyah Green is just but one of the few people in the world that want to see an end to cancer.

Due to her vibrant heart in helping others, other like-minded people have offered her foundation with monetary donations so as to help her advance in her laser research.

Thus, it might only be a matter of time before Dr. Green finds a lasting cure for all cancer illnesses.

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Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green's Laser Treatment to Cure Cancer

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