Doctors: This is Why You Need to STOP Feeding Your Kids Hot Dogs

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Feeding kids can be challenging.

There are some foods that seem to be universally loved by kids, and they are probably the same foods you enjoyed as a kid.

The hot dog is one such beloved staple in America.

Whether you make them on the grill or boil them, chances are your kids enjoy the meal and you love the simple food prep.

Unfortunately, doctors are stepping in with an urgent warning about this easy and tasty meal.

The Health Dangers

We’ve known for a while that the hot dog isn’t necessarily the most nutritionally sound choice out there.

LiveStrong points out that the childhood favorite has a lot of fat and cholesterol.

It’s also packed with sodium. All of these things can lead to cardiovascular problems.

Doctors, however, are now stressing that the hot dog has much more serious issues.

Hot dogs are packed with additives that extend their shelf life and give them their characteristic pink hue.

These additives, called nitrites, are incredibly bad for us.

After you find out why, you’ll agree with doctors that hot dogs are not a good choice to feed your kids.

 hot dog warning about nitrates

The Truth About Nitrites

A clear link between nitrites and increased cancer risk has been found.

Because hot dogs are stuffed with nitrites, the statistics coming out now connecting nitrites and cancer should make you very concerned about hot dogs being a part of your child’s diet.

A study in the journal Cancer Causes & Control found that children who ate 12 hot dogs or more per month had nine times the risk of getting cancer.

Not only can regularly eating hot dogs increase your child’s risk for cancer, but parents who eat hot dogs regularly before conception also can increase the cancer risk for their unborn children.

Daily Health Post shared a rundown of this very scary research.

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Specifically, children of fathers who ate a lot of hot dogs have a higher risk of getting Leukemia and children of mothers who ate a lot of hot dogs have a higher risk of brain cancer.

There are too many studies pointing out the connection between nitrites and cancer to ignore.

It seems pretty clear that hot dogs are a downright dangerous thing to be feeding our children, or ourselves.

Nitrates in Hot Dogs – Can They Make You Sick?

Watch this informative video that will inform you of the dangers and tell you what you can use as a safe alternative.

A Greusome Visual Aid

If the dire health warnings from medical professionals aren’t enough to make you avoid adding a package of hot dogs to your cart the next time you go grocery shopping, maybe learning how hot dogs are made will do the trick.

Trimmings from a variety of different meats are ground up along with flavorings, corn syrup, and those dangerous additives. The grotesque sludge is stuffed into casings and baked before finally being packaged.

The stomach-turning video below, “How Hot Dogs Are Made” will make it all too clear exactly how hot dogs come to be.

The beloved treat doesn’t seem quite so appetizing anymore, does it?

hot dog trimmings
screenshot via youtube

What You Can Do…

If you (or your children) absolutely cannot give up hot dogs as part of your diet, Rodale’s Organic Life offers some great tips for finding the best humanely raised, hormone-free hotdogs.

Choosing organic hot dogs is a good start. Minimizing the number of hot dogs you consume is also a good piece of advice.

Eating a few hot dogs a month is a safer bet than consuming several hot dogs a week.

But with your newfound knowledge of the dark truth behind the hot dog, it’s likely you won’t even miss the frankfurter at your next backyard BBQ. Health tastes much better, anyway.

How Hot Dogs Are Made

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Doctor Warns Parents to Stop Feeding Hot Dogs to Children

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