Diet Soda Dangers: Monumental 10-Year Study Found Major Risk Factors

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Many studies have been done on the dangers of eating too much sugar. As we all know, the white, granular substance can wreak havoc on the body.

Some say that it is even addicting because those who try to go without it suffer mood swings, headaches, and other withdrawal symptoms. But since we all have a craving for something sweet, we have a hard time going without sugar-based foods.

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So instead of losing health conscious customers who are trying to avoid sugar, companies found a way for their customers to “have their cake and eat it too” by using artificial sweeteners in diet products.

The artificial sweeteners have no calories, and most of them won’t trigger an insulin response. But the problem is that they often contain a substance called “aspartame” that is far more dangerous than regular natural sugar is.

According the study, entitled “Women’s Health Initiative Observational Study” that was conducted by a team led by Dr. Ankur Vyas at the University of Iowa, aspartame can significantly increase the risk of a person having a heart attack or stroke.

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Diet Soda Dangers: Aspartame

Dr. Vyas’ findings were based on a sample of 60,000 women who had no previous history of heart disease or strokes. Their health was monitored for almost ten years while they were given diet soda to drink each day.

Some women in the study had to drink two cans per day. Others had to drink up to seven cans of it a week. And a control group drank no soda at all.

The group who drank the most had the highest cardiovascular health problems out of all of them. They had a 30% higher risk of having a heart attack or stroke than the group who drank none at all. And they were 50% more likely to die from the heart attack or stroke than the control group.

But this wasn’t the most shocking part of the test results. The group who drank the most diet soda was actually made up of the youngest women of the 60,000 total women that were involved in the study.

So this research showed that age was not a factor in the cardiovascular health problems. The diet soda triggered the heart problems even though they were young. It aged their hearts.

There was another similar study conducted by the University of Miami and Columbia University that followed nearly 2,500 New Yorkers over a 10 year period. The results were published online in the Journal of General Internal Medicine and at the end of 10 year study, the daily drinkers of diet soda were more likely to have a heart attack or stoke.

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Aspartame: The Bitter Truth Behind This Toxic Sweetener

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Diet Products & Weight Gain

Besides triggering heart problems, the aspartame in the diet soda made the group who drank the most diet soda gain weight. They had the highest weights of all of the women who participated in the study.

So this also proved that aspartame doesn’t help with weight loss after all. Besides gaining weight, the women developed the highest blood pressure levels of all the women.

Company Greed

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first study that was done on the dangerous effects of aspartame. Others were done years ago. And after this research was released, more research has begun to determine how accurate its results were.

Many companies have known about the dangers of aspartame for years, but they cared more about the money lining their pockets than the health of their customers. Because of this, it is best for people to do their own fact-finding about aspartame products before they include them in their diet.

Earlier this month, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a health advocacy watchdog organization, has filed a lawsuit against Coca-Cola alleging that the soda giant has been purposefully misleading the public about the health risks associated with sugary beverages, Business Insider reported.

coca cola lawsuit

Best Health Recommendations

According to Dr. Vyas, diet soda should not be consumed. It is a dangerous substance that can significantly affect a person’s health. The study showed that the consumption of even small amounts of aspartame on a regular basis was harmful.

The women who were instructed to drink the least amount of soda besides the control group also developed cardiovascular problems. It was not at the same high rate as those who drank the most diet soda, but it still harmed them. That means that even the occasional diet soda is bad for a person. So no one should drink it at all.

Eliminating Aspartame

Aspartame is found in more than just diet soda. Many diet food products use it as the main sweetener, such as pudding, gelatin desserts, and candy. So it is important that people look for this dangerous ingredient when they buy sugar-free products.

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