This New Detox Water Recipe Helps Melt Away Unwanted Belly Fat

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Water can have the power to infuse your body with new fitness energy. Of course, we all need water for life. However, “infused” detox waters have become a fitness trend. You can transcend hydration with these exciting, natural weight loss aids.

Detox Water Recipes That Celebs Swear By

Actress, health advocate and fitness fan Gwyneth Paltrow and legendary stars Jared Leto and Beyoncé are some of the hot celebs starting their day with warm water infused with lemon. Famous trainer Jillian Michaels also advocates a dandelion root tea and cranberry juice-infused detox water.

Do So-Called “Detox Waters” Really Work?

In an article in Women’s Health Magazine, registered dietician Alissa Ramsey, R.D., said that replacing beverages like coffee, tea or milk with infused hot water, like lemon water can help contribute to weight loss.

However, the benefit isn’t restricted to just replacing calorie-laden drinks with fat and sugar. Water itself helps to get your fat-burning energy going. Lemon also plays its role – it helps clear water weight and cut bloating.

This means that drinking warm, lemon infused water before bed can be a good option. It helps keep your metabolism burning calories even while you sleep! One “Power Water” recipe comes particularly recommended by Style Craze.

The Best Detox Water Recipe

This ultra infusion doesn’t just include 1/2 of a glass of water and 1 sliced lemon. To create this infused drink, also include a bunch of cilantro. This herb is rich in antioxidants that help to clear away water retention and relieve bloating.

Another tablespoon of fresh ginger also helps to rev up your metabolism and speed digestion. A tablespoon of aloe vera juice adds some extra healthy power to calm inflammation and fight free radicals. Finally, this power water contains 1 sliced cucumber, the real secret boost in this drink.

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WebMD says, the high fiber and water content in cucumbers can make them a great addition to a weight loss diet. Fiber can help you feel full without adding high-calorie items to your diet.

This helps you resist overeating! Drinking this water before meals can help you eat less. Even more, drinking the Style Craze water at night can cut down on late night snacks.

How to Make Detox Water to Burn Belly Fat

Preparing the water for infusion is easy. Just combine everything (all the ingredients listed above) in a jar overnight with plenty of water and drink throughout the day.

Don’t hesitate to double or even quadruple the recipe to ensure you’ll always have Style Craze’s fat-burning water solution on hand. It’s a refreshing solution that will keep you powered up and going as you reach your fitness and weight loss goals.

Did any of these detox water recipes work for you?

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