Democratic Rep Says Hydroxychloroquine, Trump Helped Save Her Life Amid COVID-19 Fight

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Karen Whitsett is a Democratic state representative from Michigan who recently survived a bout with the coronavirus. Whitsett is convinced that the drug hydroxychloroquine played a role in saving her life. Whitsett is a Democratic representative based in Detroit but does not hesitate to thank Donald Trump for promoting the drug.

Asked whether she thinks Trump may have helped saved her life, Whitsett said: “Yes, I do,” and “I do thank him for that.”

Democratic Rep. Karen Whitsett (Photo- Michigan House of Representatives)
Democratic Rep. Karen Whitsett (Photo- Michigan House of Representatives)

Whitsett explains that both she and her husband were forced to go to the hospital in search of relief for a variety of symptoms. She says that her doctor prescribed hydroxychloroquine as part of her treatment and she began taking the medicine on March 31. Whitsett says the effects of her symptoms began to increase about two hours after taking her first dose of the medicine.

Whitsett says that she sought medical attention originally because she suffered from swollen lymph nodes, shortness of breath, and felt as if she had a sinus infection. She says she still has headaches but no longer suffers from the other symptoms that affected her health.

Whitsett explains she was already familiar with hydroxychloroquine due to a problem she had with Lyme disease some time ago. She doubts, however, she would have thought to ask her doctor for the medicine if not for President Trump speaking so adamantly regarding the potential of the drug to treat COVID-19. Whitsett also does not believe her doctor would have provided it for her without the words and actions of the president.

President Trump has repeatedly ignored all criticisms from health professionals who express concern that hydroxychloroquine is an unproven drug that has not been sufficiently screened for potential side effects. Trump believes that hydroxychloroquine can be used in conjunction with an antibiotic known as azithromycin to save lives and provide relief from the devastating symptoms of the coronavirus.

The president never misses an opportunity to express his optimism regarding the drug while delivering his daily coronavirus briefings. He has also used his Twitter account to tout the potential benefits of hydroxychloroquine. President Trump also tweeted his congratulations to Rep. Whitsett upon learning of her recovery from the coronavirus.

Whitsett says she has been emotionally impacted by the “scary times we live in.” The representative reports she has lost people close to her to the virus.

Whitsett says that the drug worked well in her case and expresses her appreciation for the president’s efforts to make more people aware of the hydroxychloroquine. Whitsett is now hoping the president will take action that will ensure more coronavirus patients receive the drug.

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Dem Rep Says Hydroxychloroquine, Trump Helped Save Her Life Amid COVID-19 Fight

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