Mom Warns Parents About Hidden Dangers of Lighting Scented Candles

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Some people have scented candles for all occasions.

They have pumpkin spice for the fall, candy cane for Christmas and even specially scented candles for that romantic New Year’s Eve.

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You can find the perfect aroma for any occasion.

Dangers of Lighting Scented Candles
screenshot via youtube/CBS New York

With but the single strike of a match you can fill your home with the apropos ambiance, create an intimate of calming environment or even make it smell like you’ve been busy in the kitchen baking bread or Christmas cookies.

Candle fanatics confirm that there is not a single day that the distinctive scent and soft glow of a candle cannot make special.

Unfortunately, all those aromatic candles could very well be covering up some significant dangers.

Meghan Budden of Hoboken, New Jersey
screenshot via youtube/CBS New York

For example, Meghan Budden of Hoboken, New Jersey, lit a couple of large scented candles one day thinking nothing of it. In an interview, Budden stated:

“I didn’t think anything of it, I had them burning probably six or seven hours.”

The next day, however, she spotted some black spots inside her nose.

Things got worse when she picked up her baby. She recalls:

Mother Warns Others of Hidden Dangers of Lighting Scented Candles
screenshot via youtube/CBS New York

“I picked up the baby to feed him and noticed that the inside of his nostril – it was all black.”

Budden immediately suctioned out her baby’s nose then attempted to rinse it out with saline.

She next examined the label on one of the candles she had been burning.

It was then that she realized that something she and many others thought was harmless could actually put both her and her family’s health in danger.

The truth is that when people #breathe in the #aromas of #scented #candles, they could also be taking in #dangerous #toxins and chemicals too. #ParentWarning #BabyWarning #ChildSafety Click To Tweet

The truth is that when people breathe in the aromas of scented candles, they could also be taking in dangerous toxins and chemicals too.

Scented Candle Warning Label
screenshot via youtube/CBS New York

The petroleum waste product, paraffin, is used to produce paraffin wax which is an ingredient in a lot of candles.

When these candles are burned, the toxins released are reported to be as dangerous as those from second-hand cigarette smoke.

Even more frightening is that these same toxic components are also in diesel fuel fumes.

Most of the time, artificial scents are employed to cause the candle’s “aroma”, which also is the cause of the release of more chemicals while the candle is burning.

If that isn’t enough, the wick of a candle can also be dangerous.

In the past, candle wicks were manufactured with lead which we have since learned is dangerous and toxic.

In 2003, lead-made wicks were banned due to the numerous health issues.

Still, if you want to play it safe, Green American has an easy “lead test” to check your own candles.

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There are other things you can do to make sure that your candles are safe too:

  • All candle wicks should be trimmed to approximately 1/8th of an inch.
  • Don’t burn candles in an area where there is a breeze to avoid a billowy flame.\
  • Don’t burn candles for longer than recommended. (Check the label for details.)
  • If you notice any soot markings then put out your candles immediately.

Does this mean you can’t enjoy your favorite scents? Don’t worry.

There are numerous safe, natural, non-toxic alternatives.

Try out some homemade potpourri made from baked apple, cinnamon, clove and orange slices. C

heck out Julie Blanner’s scent-filled scoop.

Would you rather use a room spray?

Wellness Mama has an all natural recipe for a seasonally appropriate room spray that just could have you craving dessert.

If you miss the “warmness” of candles, how about trying some potpourri?

Simmer up some cinnamon, clove and orange in your slow cooker.

There’s no open flame or harsh chemicals to worry about and The Novice Chef has the scented, soul-warming secret.

Fall Cinnamon Orange Slow Cooker Potpourri
photo via

If you insist on sticking to candles, that’s understandable.

Just make sure you check all the candle labels for non-toxic, safe ingredients and follow the instructions when you burn them.

If you insist on using #scented #candles, just make sure you check all the #candle labels for #nontoxic, safe ingredients and follow the instructions when you burn them. #ParentWarning #BabyWarning #ChildSafety Click To Tweet

After all, there’s nothing wrong with loving candles but you have to remember to avoid any and all potential dangers to your family’s health.

Be smart. Be aware. Look to see just what’s in your candle.

Unfortunately, candles do not always contain “sugar and spice and everything nice”.

Those warm, attractive, scented candles can also contain chemicals, toxins and a lot of unnatural, artificial ingredients.

Jack S. Chesney, former Penn State penman and candle aficionado, thinks it’s as simple as being a careful shopper.

He notes: “There are a lot of specialty candles shops. If you find the right one and just read the labels you should be able to find something that will work for you and be safe for everyone”.

Now that you know why lighted, scented candles can be dangerous, make sure you fill in all your wax-loving friends and family as well and spread the awareness.

Watch the Full News Story Here: The Dangers Of Scented Candles

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