Managing Your Cymbalta Dosage to Help with Chronic Joint Pain

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Approximately 20 percent of the world’s population suffers from chronic pain. Are you part of this group?

If so, you may find that Cymbalta can relieve your symptoms and help you live a normal, healthy life.

Read on to learn about how the proper Cymbalta dosage can significantly improve your chronic pain symptoms.

What Is Cymbalta?

Cymbalta, or duloxetine, belongs to a family of antidepressants known as serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs).

In addition to treating depression, Cymbalta is commonly used for treating chronic and osteoarthritis-related pain.

It can also be used for treating generalized anxiety disorder, urinary incontinence, and diabetic peripheral neuropathic pain.

How Does It Treat Chronic Pain?

At this time, scientists aren’t one hundred percent sure why Cymbalta works so well for people with chronic pain.

Part of this lack of clarity has to do with the fact that doctors don’t fully understand chronic pain, either.

Many think that chronic pain occurs because of changes in the nervous system that cause cells to fire off too many signals along the body’s pain pathways. As a result, people are more sensitive than usual to things that normally wouldn’t cause them any pain.

The theory behind Cymbalta is that it helps increase serotonin and norepinephrine. This, in turn, helps suppress the body’s pain signals and relieve pain.

How Effective Is Cymbalta?

More than half of the patients who participated in a clinical trial found that their pain improved significantly after taking Cymbalta for just one week.

Researchers have also found that relief may be even greater in patients who also suffered from depression.

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eDrugSearch - save on medication costs and get free drug coupons

In addition to pain relief, many trial participants also noticed that their sleep improved while taking Cymbalta. Improved sleep can drastically improve one’s quality of life. It also helps damaged tissues to heal, which can provide further pain relief.

Ideal Cymbalta Dosage

In most trials, the average Cymbalta dosage was 60 mg taken once or twice per day.

Researchers aren’t sure yet if a lower dose of 20 mg will have the same effects. However, they did find that patients who received 120 mg at once didn’t have any better results than those who received 60 mg.

When you first begin taking Cymbalta, you’ll likely begin with a lower dose that can be increased if you don’t see results. It’s better to start small and increase your dosage if necessary to avoid experiencing negative side effects.

Potential Side Effects

Researchers have found that people taking a Cymbalta dosage of any amount are likely to experience at least one side effect.

The most common side effects of the medication include:

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Dry mouth
  • Constipation
  • Feeling too alert or too sleepy

It’s very rare for Cymbalta to cause any kind of serious problems. Many people find the side effects of the medication to be manageable and preferable to their chronic pain symptoms.

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Talk to your doctor today about trying out Cymbalta for your chronic pain.

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0 thoughts on “Managing Your Cymbalta Dosage to Help with Chronic Joint Pain

  • Deb Houchins says:

    They call this the drug from hell. I can relate. I am slowly decreasing my dosage to get off. It cause me to have raging fits crying episodes and mean. Do not take it!

    • That may be your experience and if so I am sorry, but I have been taking Cymbalta, 80 mg every morning, for a couple of years now and it helps me a lt and does not give me the side effects you mention. In fact I am bipolar 2 and it works as a mood stabilizer for me. It also helps with my chronic pain. You shouldn’t tell people not to take something based solely on your experience. Of course you should share your experience but don’t tell other people what to do based on it because their experience could be very different like mine. Good luck to you!

  • Jessica Hallford says:

    I will never take this again. I thought at first it was a miracle and was great for a year. Then it stopped working so my dosage was upped. 6 months and then if I was just an hour late taking it I would become uncontrollable with emotions and it’d take a week for the pain to subside again. I finally decided to get off it. I tried lowering the dosage and eventually went to taking it every other day to cold turkey with the worst withdrawal. I wanted to die. I thought about dying, even how to do it. I’m a very happy person so I knew it was the withdrawal. It took over 6 months to start feeling normal again. I’d rather hurt than be dependent on a drug test messes with your mind in that way. I will get the blood test from now on to keep my chemical levels in check before ever getting on another SSRI type medicine.

  • Noleta Braddy says:

    This medication is awful. I took it for my fibro pain and two months into it I almost committed suicide. I have never suffered from depression before. My daughter was fighting depression and this is the first thing they tried. Needless to say she was promptly hospitalized for major suicide thoughts. Please ask questions before they put you on ANY med for depression or pain.

  • Helps a lot with chronic neck and back pain. Can be difficult withdrawal process. Also having sexual side effects hard to keep erection and other stuff. There’s no perfect drug. I’m gonna try to go down to 30 mg dose and hopefully it helps with my sexual side effects.

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