8 Strange Cream of Tartar Uses That You Won’t Forget

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What is Cream of Tartar?

If you bake, then you probably know what cream of tarter is. If you don’t, then no it’s not something to make your food more tart.

It’s white and resembles baking powder, but as read on The Kitchn, it is actually an acid that comes from wine.

Cream of tarter is made by taking the froth that forms on the surface of a barrel of grape wine and refining, drying and powdering it.

The chemical name for cream of tartar is potassium hydrogen tartrate.

Generally in recipes, cream of tartar is called for to make egg whites stiffen more quickly and keep them that way longer or to significantly delay the formation of sugar crystals in syrups.

When we dive a little deeper, you will come to find out there are many cream of tartar uses you probably didn’t already know about. For example, it can lower your high blood pressure and help you quit smoking.

However, if you have a sensitive stomach or kidney disease, then you should talk to your doctor before using it as a home remedy.

Here’s 8 unusual cream of tartar uses that you will never forget…

1.) Clear Acne

From Bukisa, heal acne and acne scars with this cream of tartar remedy. With its powerful ability to pull toxins and impurities from your skin, it will have your face smooth and blemish-free in no time.

Each morning, stir one tablespoon of cream of tartar into a glass of water and drink. Your face should be clear of acne scars after doing this for one month, and you should have far less outbreaks.

2.) Calm Arthritis

On the website Eric Bakker ND, Ted Harper, a native of Australia, shares his country’s secret weapon for arthritis pain. You drink a glass of water infused with grapefruit, orange, lemon, epsom salts and cream of tartar.

3.) Heartburn Remedy

To cure heartburn, instead of using antacids, try this remedy instead!

Home Remedies for Life says to take a glass of water, and add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda and 1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar to it and mix.

Take one teaspoonful whenever you get heartburn.

4.) No More Gallstones

On the CureZone.org, Mrs. Lena Brown says with this home remedy drink, anyone who usually gets gallstones can eat anything without worrying about getting them again.

All you have to do is mix three tablespoons cream of tartar, one tablespoon epsom salt and the juice of six lemons in a quart jar, fill it the rest of the way with water and store in the fridge.

Regularly drink a small glass of this each night.

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5.) Clear Up a Bacterial Infection

Common symptoms of a bacterial infection are a fever, inflammation and swelling, and it can occur anywhere in the body.

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If you have such an infection, then treat it naturally by drinking 1/2 cup warm water mixed with 1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar.

Information on Five Remedies explains that this drink makes your body more alkaline making it impossible for infectious bacteria to survive.

6.) Curb Your Smoking Addiction

Quitting smoking is right at the top of the list with most difficult habits to break.

The good news is, as WikiHow explains, Cream of tartar efficiently flushes nicotine from the bloodstream, and without it present in your blood, then your craving for cigarettes decreases immensely.

To use cream of tartar to help you quit smoking, mix some with orange juice, and drink each night before you go to bed.

Together, the potassium in cream of tartar and the Vit C in orange juice fortify your immune system so that it quickly gets rid of toxins including any nicotine in the body.

7.) Cure a Urinary Tract Infection

Cream of tartar is actually an age old cure for UTI.

It works because cream of tartar can change the pH of the urine so that it’s impossible for bacteria to survive in it according to Everyday Roots.

Take a little fresh lemon or lime juice for the vitamin C and 1 1/2 teaspoons cream of tartar, and mix with a glass full of warm water. Drink this once or twice a day.

8.) Quick Remedy for High Blood Pressure

On Richters we learned that high blood pressure can be a result of a potassium deficiency.

A simple blood test can tell you whether you have a potassium deficiency. Increase your potassium intake and treat your HBP at home naturally by drinking water with one teaspoon of cream of tartar added to it.

More unusual uses for cream of tartar:

Isn’t it amazing and wonderful that the same stuff we use to fluff up our whipped cream and stiffen our egg whites can help us quit smoking and cure so many ailments?

Have you ever used cream of tartar as a home remedy?

Then tell us how by sharing your comment below 🙂

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  • Cream of Tarter brought my blood pressure down from 154 to 123 !!……..I buy the cream of tarter powder and I fill 3 double empty vitamin capsules with powder of cream tarter and later and I take one capsule in the morning one capsule at 2 pm and one at 8pm ! ..no more doctor and no more highblood pressure pill .

    This is my cure that works for me …for high blood pressure ..I’m so happy ..my doctor told me I will have high blood pressure for ever …I found my cure …I also follow a strict diet no refine carbs , low carb diet , I eat only two times a day ..I fast and I take 900 mg of choline so my liver clear the fat of my arteries ,I take B-6 100 mg. to keep my homostenes down ..I eat no junk food , no sugar , no wheat , no partying , no pizza , no alcohol ,I eat everything organic paleo diet . I fast every weak and I lost 98 lb. ….8 years ago ..I am slim and healthy .Also make sure you sleep at least 10 hour a night . hope this post can help some one .

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