Here’s a Quick Way to Compare Prescription Prices Online & Save 76%

The cost of prescription drugs in America continues to increase with each passing year. Fortunately, there are several options for consumers who seek to lower their prescription expenses. Patients can consult with their physicians or insurance providers in order to find lower cost medications or they can compare prescription prices online or by visiting various pharmacies in their area.

How Much Can You Really Save?

Based on data collected by’s new case study, it is estimated that the average consumer can save as much as 76 percent by purchasing domestically manufactured prescription medications from online international distributors. In some cases, drugs like Cymbalta can be purchased at a discount of up to 90 percent. As you can see, when consumers compare prescription prices online, they can buy the name brand medications at prices even lower than the generic versions.

Real-Life Price Comparisons

The information below was used to compare prescription prices of various brand name medications sold at pharmacies with the lowest Canadian pharmacy price found on

The Total Average Savings is 75.53% (76% rounded up) from the 13 different brand name prescriptions drugs that are all manufactured in the United States.

eDrugSearch - save on medication costs and get free drug coupons

You can clearly see the savings you can receive by simply using to compare prescription prices online for all your brand name and generic medication needs.

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eDrugSearch founder, Cary Byrd, has been called an “e-health innovator” by MarketIntellNow, interviewed by top pharmaceutical industry journalists, invited to Matthew Holt’s Health 2.0 Conference and a Consumer Report's health summit, and highlighted on numerous health blogs.

Here's a Quick Way to Compare Prescription Prices Online & Save 76%

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