Celebrities Who Have Died from Drug Overdoses

Prescription drug abuse is a serious and growing problem in America. Prescription drugs are easy to get addicted to and terribly hard to get over. In the United States, almost 290 people overdose on prescription drugs everyday. A drug overdose doesn’t always result in death, but it can still cause serious health problems and eventually lead you to your deathbed. These celebrity overdoses, whether accidental or not, is a serious problem that needs to be addressed.

Below is a list of celebrities who have died from drug overdoses. The infographic below shows just a few of those whose lives have ended early due to a prescription drug overdose. Also check out: 12 Accidental Celebrity Drug Deaths — and the Prescription Drugs that Killed Them.

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We created the Celebrity Overdoses Infographic to help bring awareness to prescription drug abuse and adverse drug reactions — so please be sure to share this infographic with others. If you or someone you know struggles with a prescription drug problem, please get help!

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Celebrity Drug Overdoses

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