Celebrities with Mental Illness [Infographic]


They are more than just a pretty voice, an acting talent, or a brilliant mind. Many celebrities and well-known people of today and throughout history struggle with mental illness, and relatively few people know, even with these individuals living in the public eye. These influential individuals lead incredibly successful lives regardless of having to live with what can sometimes be crippling illnesses. And these celebrities with mental illness are not the only ones who struggle with mental illness, of course.

In fact, over 43 million Americans battle with some form of mental illness; fortunately, there are ways that people can cope with their illnesses and lead successful lives instead of allowing their illnesses to control them. Some people see doctors and order prescription drugs from a licensed online pharmacy, some seek counseling, and others take part in inpatient rehabilitation. Living with a mental illness does not mean that an individual’s abilities are limited. These celebrities of past and present are proof that great things are possible.

Celebrities with Mental Illness [Infographic]

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