Canada Cloud Pharmacy Review: Should You Give Them Your Business?

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The vast majority of Americans take prescription medication. As many as 7 in 10 people are prescribed one medication by their doctor. And if you’re one of many Americans who doesn’t have prescription drug coverage through insurance, this can be a huge financial burden.

Take into account how expensive some local US pharmacies are becoming and you’re dealing with a major problem.

Fortunately, online Canadian pharmacies can fill the need for affordable medications. However, many online pharmacies are scams. So finding a trustworthy, legitimate pharmacy is essential to your health and your wallet.

Keep reading for Canada Cloud pharmacy reviews and how they measure up. Is this the right option for you?

Why You Should Be Careful Buying Online Rx

First, let’s get the scary statistics out of the way, so you know what to look for when choosing an online Canadian pharmacy. A recent survey found that just 3% of online pharmacies were the real deal. Everything else they reviewed were considered to be “rogue” operations.

That means that nearly 85% of online pharmacies don’t require a valid prescription from the prescribing physician. Many of these stores offer foreign drugs that have not been approved by the FDA. Another large portion of online pharmacies have servers located in foreign countries.

Because of this, there is no way to verify the safety of these drugs. They could be counterfeits, or they could be something really dangerous. Some of the most common medicines for men are counterfeited with antibiotics and fertility drugs. It goes without saying that could cause serious health consequences for anyone taking them.

The FDA doesn’t have the authority to regulate these foreign drugs, but if that weren’t bad enough, most Canadian websites aren’t even in Canada. So you might be misled to think that  getting your prescriptions from a site closer to home would help. Nope.

Giving up and relying on a home remedy might work in some cases. But if you and your doctor have decided you should take a prescription medicine, it’s your right to have access to it.

So how do you know that an online Canadian Pharmacy is the real deal? You need your medications, and they need to be both safe and affordable, and not land you in legal trouble. You also need to purchase them easily, without loopholes and time-wasting obstacles to jump through.

Canada Cloud Pharmacy Review: Pros

One quick glance at Canada Cloud Pharmacy’s website shows that they are staffed by real, professional people. Their About Me section has in-depth bios on all their team, including portrait pictures.

They pride themselves on getting to know their patients and their needs, so they can be better served. They seem to understand the level of trust you are putting in them, and they don’t want to betray that. It also appears they have a large inventory of Health Canada approved drugs, that are easy to search for and find (Health Canada is the Canadian equivalent of the FDA).

If you can’t find the drug you’re looking for, they offer a toll-free number to call and talk to a real human. Even if you’re in the US they will never answer your call from a call center and you will never receive an unsolicited sales call from them. Customer service members are available for calls on Monday to Friday, 8AM-6PM PST. Saturdays they are available from 9AM-4PM PST.

If they don’t have your drug in stock, they may be able to source it. Just let them know.

Canada Cloud Pharmacy Is the “Real Deal”

Canada Cloud Pharmacy is a real brick-and-mortar store, so if you live in British Columbia, you can actually visit them and pick up your medications there. Or maybe you are on a road trip through beautiful Canada- they want you to visit because they love seeing their customers.

They’re also certified by the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia, so nothing shady or weird going on here. They pride themselves on a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Afraid of hackers getting your personal medical information from a weak online site? No worries here, because your information is encrypted within their system.

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Got concerns about shipping? Don’t worry about that with Canada Cloud. They ship via the USPS with a tracking number for each order. It’s only $13.75 for regular shipping with an ETA of 14 days but often arrives much earlier than expected. Expedited shipping is just $18.75 for the 10-day ETA and $22.00 for Express shipping at 7 days.

A great way to know that Canada Cloud Pharmacy is the real deal is they require a legal, valid prescription in order to provide your medications. It works the same way as your local, US pharmacy. Once they have your RX on file, they will work with your local physician to be able to provide refills.

Canada Cloud Pharmacy offers easy ways for you to provide them with a copy of your prescription. The fastest, easiest way is to attach the RX to your order when prompted in the purchasing process. Or you can use the ‘upload document’ function on their homepage. This allows for you to send the RX to them while on your cell phone.

You can also email them a scanned copy of your prescription or fax it. As always, you can snail mail it, too. Their address is available on the site.

Canada Cloud Pharmacy Review: Cons

So are there any real drawbacks to buying your prescription online at Canada Cloud Pharmacy? Not really! As far as the legality, safety, and trustworthiness of this online provider, you’re gold.

However, there would be some practical things to take into consideration. These things have nothing to do with this pharmacy, and can generally apply to buying your RX online.

For one thing, you might need your prescription right away. Unfortunately, buying online will take the delivery at least a few days. Even if you request expedited shipping, a great pharmacy won’t be able to get it to you overnight. Canada Cloud Pharmacy are actually considered to be one of the fastest, if not the fastest, shipping times in the industry.

Occasionally, an online pharmacy might not be able to source your specific drug. Although Canada Cloud makes every effort to get your medication, it’s not always guaranteed. It’s a good idea to get a 90-day supply of your medication because if you run out and forget to refill, you could be without your medication for a number of days. This is dangerous especially with psychiatric medications or anything that can cause a withdrawal if you suddenly stop.

If you’re okay with those potential problems, and you have a contingency plan in place, then ordering your prescriptions online will be a great option. You can trust that ordering with Canada Cloud Pharmacy will be a solid, trustworthy experience.

Online Canadian Pharmacy: The Verdict?

This guide has given you an in-depth review of Canada Cloud Pharmacy. You’ve probably figured out that this is a legitimate option for you, especially if you’re one of many Americans who doesn’t have health insurance or drug coverage.

You shouldn’t have to be stressed out over your health and how to treat your health problems. But finding a real online pharmacy that will deliver real, safe drugs isn’t an easy process – thus the need for Canada Cloud pharmacy reviews. Canada Cloud is the real deal, so you can feel some relief that we are able to recommend them.

This online pharmacy staffs educated, compassionate professionals with solid educational backgrounds and experience in pharmaceuticals. Since so many online pharmacies are fakes and scammers, it’s important that you trust the people who are selling and shipping your drugs.

With hundreds of medications in stock, this online pharmacy could be your new source for real drugs, without the worry and hassle that almost all online stores offer.

Do you have more questions about the drugs you’ve been prescribed? Are you looking for a resource that can point you in the direction of the best online pharmacies? Check out our blog and our pharmacy comparison page.

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