Byetta vs Victoza vs Bydureon: Which Medication Is Cheaper and Better?

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The treatment of type II diabetes can boast a whole slew of ever-greater advancements, including the new incretin-based therapies.

While this is wonderful news for those dealing with this disease, how is it possible to keep up and understand the important differences when faced with a choice between Byetta vs Victoza vs Bydureon?

Hopefully this overview of these therapies and their features will help make the benefits and downfalls of each treatment clear and simple.

Assessing diabetes therapy effectiveness

Hemoglobin A1c levels are the most reliable way to assess long-term blood sugar control, a crucial part of diabetes management. Therefore, the effectiveness of all anti-diabetic medications should be measured by their effects on A1c values.

Another important factor in helping to control type II diabetes can be weight loss. Some types of medications have been shown to effectively help patients lose weight, including the incretin-based therapies.

Understanding incretin-based therapy

Incretin is a hormone that helps to regulate blood sugar in a way that is slightly different than insulin.

New incretin-based therapies, also known as GLP-1 receptor agonists, mimic this hormone to enhance the body’s own use of insulin.

Incretin-based therapies are administered as a shot in either daily or weekly formulations. They are all effective in both lowering A1c levels and inducing weight loss.

Unfortunately, they are also associated with feeling a bit nauseous at the time of administration but the effect diminishes with continued use.

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The most effective incretin-based therapies

Byetta vs Victoza:

  • Byetta (exenatide) is taken twice-daily whereas Victoza (liraglutide) is a once-daily therapy.
  • Byetta lowers A1c slightly less effectively than Victoza.
  • Byetta cannot be used by people with kidney problems whereas Victoza is safe for these patients.
  • Byetta is less likely to cause nausea than Victoza.

Byetta vs Bydureon:

  • Byetta is a twice-daily treatment but Bydureon (exenatide) is taken once-weekly.
  • Byetta is associated with more nausea and less substantial decreases in A1c levels than Bydureon.

The cost of incretin-based therapies

The Byetta vs Victoza cost is similar at about $8-$9 per day. It may be necessary, however, to take Victoza in slightly larger doses which will cost around $13.

Therefore, the comparison of Byetta vs Victoza cost may be similar but Byetta can be the less expensive option.

The Byetta vs Bydureon price is also similar, with once-weekly Bydureon costing just over $10 per day.

Considering their significant difference in dosing frequencies, the Byetta vs Bydureon price difference is simply insubstantial when compared to the greater comfort and convenience of Bydureon.

Summarizing the incretin-based therapies

The bottom line is that all incretin-based therapies can be effective and affordable. Choosing the right one can, therefore, be a matter of individual medical need and personal preference.

The best features of each incretin-based therapy:

  • Victoza: biggest drops in A1c, safe for people with kidney problems
  • Bydureon: least frequent dosing, lowest rates of nausea
  • Byetta: likely to be least expensive

The incretin-based therapy most likely to achieve a specific result:

  • Biggest drops in A1c: Victoza
  • Safe for use with kidney problems: Victoza
  • Least amount of nausea: Bydureon
  • Least frequent dosing: Bydureon
  • Least expensive: Byetta

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  • victoza is a good drug for type 2 but its so exspensive we just cant afford it what can we do my husband makes good money but is retiring in june he has the va but the meds the va had him on which was lantaus was killing him this victoza gave him his life back but come june we will have no income until disability starts what can we do to get this drug at an affordable price til he can get on either medicare or whatever a person get when they retire

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