This All-Natural Bunion Treatment is “Best Non-Surgical Remedy”

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Are you looking for a non-evasive, all-natural bunion treatment that is a safe alternative to surgery? Those bumps on your big toe can be embarrassing and debilitating. The Mayo Clinic states that bunions are caused by your big toes pushing against your other toes.

While this occurs, joints in your big toe start sticking out and growing in size.

Bunions are also often caused by wearing both narrow and tight shoes on your feet for an extended period of time.

To prevent bunions from growing, you should try wearing looser shoes that are marketed as sensible for your feet.

However, even wearing the wrong type of shoes can cause bunions. Sometimes suffering from a foot injury can also lead to bunions as well.

Safe All-Natural Bunion Treatment

To treat bunions from the convenience of your home, try these home remedies today.

1.) Ice

One of the most popular home remedy treatments for bunions is simply ice, as told by WebMD.

We suggest applying ice wrapped in paper towels or a cloth-like material to your bunions for at least 20 minutes. You should also try keeping your feet elevated above your knee while treating it.

2.) Soap

Sometimes, scrubbing your bunion with a little bit of soap and water can be enough to treat them, according to Healthy Food House.

Be gentle when massaging your foot. If your bunions need a little bit of an extra kick, consider applying iodine after you scrub, rinse, and dry your foot.

3.) Olive Oil

Find Home Remedy suggests using olive oil, which helps to increase circulation and blood flow to the affected area.

Heat up some olive oil and use it to massage your bunion and the area surrounding it. Do this twice a day for 15 minutes each time.

4.) Bay Leaf

Remedy your bunion by drinking a mixture of 10 ounces of hot water with a tablespoon of crushed bay leaves, as recommended by Healthy Food House.

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You should prepare this mixture a day prior to taking it. Allow the hot water to absorb into the bay leaves the night before and drink the mixture periodically over the following day.

5.) Castor Oil

Find Home Remedy states that castor oil has unique anti-inflammatory properties that can help your body relieve and reduce both swelling and pain. This home remedy calls for a heated half cup of castor oil in a pan.

Dip a small cotton cloth in the castor oil, apply to your bunion, and wrap in a cloth until the castor oil cools completely. You should try this treatment at least three times a day.

6.) Epsom Salt

You can make yourself a foot bath using warm water and a half cup of Epsom salt, according to Find Home Remedy. Use this remedy at least twice a day for 20 minutes each treatment session for best results.

7.) Red Pepper

According to Find Home Remedy, an active ingredient in red peppers doubles as a pain reliever. You can make a home treatment from red peppers by cutting one up and rubbing the juice from it on your bunion.

Once you’ve juiced it completely, rub a small layer of petroleum jelly to seal the liquid on your bunion and wrap with a bandage to prevent anything from touching it. For best results, apply at least twice a day.

8.) Stretch Your Toes

Last but not least, you can manage the symptoms of your bunions by stretching out your toes, as recommended by Everyday Health. This will decrease the pain and discomfort you may be feeling.

First, flex your toes for five seconds, then point them for five seconds. Repeat this process ten times. This is a great treatment option because you can do it wherever you are.

Stubborn bunions can cause a person a ton of pain. However, with these eight home remedies, you can manage the pain and treat your bunions so they do not bother you anymore.

Do you know of any other helpful tips for people with bunions?

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  • Thank you for all the small treatments for bunions. My mom is starting to develop one on her foot, and she has been wondering how she can help prevent it. I didn’t know that olive oil could help increase circulation and blood flow in the affected area. We will have to give that a try and see if that helps.

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